It is a fact that a dingo can remove the …

Comment on It’s official, the dingo did take and kill Azaria Chamberlain: Coroner by R Henry.

It is a fact that a dingo can remove the skin from a rabbit almost as neatly as a rabbit Skinner can from the throat down. I have seen them do this while rabbiting around Broken hill.A dingo can carry off a young lamb without any effort in fact they can run while doing so.I think from memory that Magistrate Barritt said he found the child was taken by a wild dog with the possibility of human interference later.
At the time there were many unofficial reports from people from The Rock indicating is was a camp dog groups of which had been causing some nuisance for a while.
From a street view the later events appeared to be a religious blacklash against the Chamberlains’ religion.
It was an eye opener to me that so many educated / religious people could behave in such a manner over a difference in religion.

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