Terry, if you do not give our justice system the …

Comment on It’s official, the dingo did take and kill Azaria Chamberlain: Coroner by David Chewings.

Terry, if you do not give our justice system the freedom to work its own twisted and quirky course, where does that leave the victim?
Up the creek, that is where.
I believe in business and I believe in justice. We should not dwell on the costs involved as much as we should learn from our collective mistakes.
In WA, an individual named Andrew Mallard was convicted of murdering Pamela Lawrence and sentenced in 1995 to life. After 12 years, he was a totally free man and all charges were dropped. He had few friends in the system and the police never had any evidence of substance.
Both the current NT Commissioner and the newish NT deputy are painfully aware of the details of this case and the ongoing ramifications for the WA judicial system.
Terry, you mention the cost and time factor as if a flurry of law suits will follow. Lindy has already stated her position.
Just what would you do,, Terry, if fate dealt you or myself into the unhappy dilemma that is the Chamberlains’?
The costs of the Azaria business are about $35 million and counting. This is nothing compared to the value of the tourism industry over that same period.
For what it is worth, I believe Lindy is right. I also believe she is of stronger character than any man or woman who has ridiculed her and / or her family since 1980. I apologise to her.
Imagine the cost involved Terry, if we are forced by legal fact, to say sorry to Bradley Murdoch?

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It’s official, the dingo did take and kill Azaria Chamberlain: Coroner
It is now a full 24 hours since you posted your report of the fourth coronial about the Azaria inquest.
All locals, in Centralia at least, have history with this story going back over the last 32 years.
It does disturb me that no-one has seen fit to publish their thoughts on this post.
Daryl Manzie, geographically at least, is an outsider with the intimate view of an insider.
How I would love to have a beer with Daz one day.

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