I have had several dingo’s as pets. Beautiful creatures. They …

Comment on It’s official, the dingo did take and kill Azaria Chamberlain: Coroner by The Guilty Puppy.

I have had several dingo’s as pets. Beautiful creatures. They don’t smell, they clean themselves like cats, they don’t bark (unless mimicking a dog), have good table manners and the males are extremely paternal.
They are a descendant of the Asiatic wolf. And I have no trouble believing a wild dingo would have any trouble at all, scouting, stalking, and then picking their moment to enter a tent and grab hold of a baby and lift it out of a basinet and run off with it.
I have done some rather unscientific yet credible tests with legs of lamb and pork well over three times the size and weight of an average eight month old baby with Gretchen, my pet dingo who was 18 months old at the time.
I made the task even harder by placing the meat in a cot, not a basinet. And Gretchen was able to get in, grab the meat, and jump out of the cot without any trouble at all.
I believe on the balance of probability, that a wild dingo, alone in its endeavours, took Azaria Chamberlain from the tent that fatal night. I do have some criticism’s however.
I believe the child was too young for a trip to such a rugged holiday destination, and the fact that the tent was not secured whilst Lindy was not present.
However, these are small criticisms, irrelevant to the case as a whole.
I empathise with the Chamberlains for what has been a continual disgraceful miscarriage of justice several times over.
Please don’t ever refer to the NT legal system as a justice system. Legal system yes! Justice system no!

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