Having read Lindy’s book “Through My Eyes,” and also Michael’s …

Comment on It’s official, the dingo did take and kill Azaria Chamberlain: Coroner by Allan Mansfield.

Having read Lindy’s book “Through My Eyes,” and also Michael’s book “Heart of Stone” I am ashamed that so many people would seek to delude themselves and display such vitriol towards a deeply traumatised, innocent family whose lives had been damaged enough without the incredible and relentless harassment from all corners, not to mention that of the many self serving, evil administrators within our own bureaucracies.
I use the word evil deliberately because all the evidence from those who were at the scene of this tragedy and the absolutely unquestionable facts pointed out by the Aboriginal trackers was completely ignored. The timeline alone in which Lindy supposedly killed her baby was completely implausible. I hope the Chamberlain family have received truckloads of mail from all those condemning them, asking their forgiveness.

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