In both this story and in “Angela Pamela u-mine core …

Comment on Local Labor always opposed u-mine at Angela Pamela: Araluen ALP candidate Adam Findlay by Hal Duell.

In both this story and in “Angela Pamela u-mine core message in Greatorex campaign?” I wonder if someone is trailing the coat.
I was active in opposing the development last time, and I will be again if it resurfaces. But since when did Angela Pamela get back on the agenda?

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Local Labor always opposed u-mine at Angela Pamela: Araluen ALP candidate Adam Findlay
Fair enough, let’s ask all contenders where they stand.
So far Findlay and Foley have said no, and I assume Rock will too. Lambley has not ruled it out, and I’m not sure where Conlan and Giles stand. Walcott is opposed.
Here is my first worry. Lambley has said no unless … That’s not good enough. It has to be no, full stop. I sat on the original Cameco Community Action Group, and their execs are so across their brief, so pleasant and so persuasive that if this surfaces again only a categorical no will slow their advance. To merely say that it has to be made safe with no threat to our water is to give them a green light. They will convince that it is safe.
It’s not. It’s on our water.
My other worry is the ALP. They gave the original exploration license, and it’s my understanding that once that first step is taken, legal constraints can make the next step hard to stop.
So it’s Henderson and the ALP who started this ball rolling, and so far they have not definitely stopped it. Can they redefine the land to take it out of consideration? I think ALEC suggested something along these lines, but so far I haven’t heard of it being done. Are the ALP’s hands tied by their original decision to grant an exploration license?
And Federally, don’t the ALP have Ferguson in charge of resources and energy and, therefore, uranium mining? And if so, do you trust him?
Warren runs hot and cold – nothing new there.
So it comes back right now to Henderson. Will he take the Angela Pamela land out of the equation. Anything less than that, and he’s hedging. Nothing new there, either.

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National Indigenous Gallery advisors: ‘Release full report’
I hope the NT government pays particular attention to the tips from David Walsh, the creator of MONA. After the Salamanca market, MONA is the most visited tourist destination in Tasmania.
Some people fly in from Melbourne, visit the museum and catch a return flight in the evening. Buses are available to and from the airport for this.
For a more leisurely visit, a high speed ferry to and from the Hobart waterfront adds enhanced value.
For my own part, I recently flew to Hobart for a three day visit, two of them spent in MONA. It was worth every minute and every cent spent.
And pay special attention to his advice to put the art first. This project must not be watered down to include other aims like revitalising the CBD. It will only become all it can be by being a stand-alone effort.
Obviously this project will cost, and cost lots. But if we try to do it on the cheap, cheap will be what we get.

Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
And again, and again, and again.
“Naughty” children – my ass.
Slowly the veneer of civilisation slips away. We live in a third world town.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
@ Concerned Arrernte, Posted March 16, 2018 at 10:01 pm
Nah, nothing confusing there man? Woman?
You mentioned an elephant in a room. I thought it looked a bit lonely, poor bugger, so I added a few more. More better now, not lonely, no shreds. Like that.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
@ Concerned Arrernte, Posted March 14, 2018 at 8:16 pm:
Given the state of Alice Springs today, or perhaps better yet, tonight, in which rampaging children are holding the town hostage and councillors feel the need of a protective escort when walking between the council car park and the council chambers; given that after how many years of CLC control there is still no enterprise out on the homelands, simply sit-down money from welfare and mining royalties; given the increase in alcohol abuse leading to family abuse leading to child abuse; given the distracting substitution of bromides such as Australia Day and flags on a hill for anything more substantive; given the observable truth that successive NT governments have demonstrated zero ability to address these issues in a manner leading to a change for the better; given just those more obvious elephants in the room, I think it is well past time for everyone, not just Cr. Price, to be showing anger.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
Here’s a question: Is there another local jurisdiction in Australia in which the councillors / aldermen feel the need to ask for protective escorts when walking to and from council meetings?
Just how vicious a little town have we become?
Are we still capable of self-government, at least to the extent that the Alice Springs Town Council represents local self-government?
I hope the answer is yes, because if it isn’t, the power stepping in will be Darwin, and if that comes to pass we will be well and truly phucked.

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