@Bob Fair enough, let’s ask all contenders where they stand. So …

Comment on Local Labor always opposed u-mine at Angela Pamela: Araluen ALP candidate Adam Findlay by Hal Duell.

Fair enough, let’s ask all contenders where they stand.
So far Findlay and Foley have said no, and I assume Rock will too. Lambley has not ruled it out, and I’m not sure where Conlan and Giles stand. Walcott is opposed.
Here is my first worry. Lambley has said no unless … That’s not good enough. It has to be no, full stop. I sat on the original Cameco Community Action Group, and their execs are so across their brief, so pleasant and so persuasive that if this surfaces again only a categorical no will slow their advance. To merely say that it has to be made safe with no threat to our water is to give them a green light. They will convince that it is safe.
It’s not. It’s on our water.
My other worry is the ALP. They gave the original exploration license, and it’s my understanding that once that first step is taken, legal constraints can make the next step hard to stop.
So it’s Henderson and the ALP who started this ball rolling, and so far they have not definitely stopped it. Can they redefine the land to take it out of consideration? I think ALEC suggested something along these lines, but so far I haven’t heard of it being done. Are the ALP’s hands tied by their original decision to grant an exploration license?
And Federally, don’t the ALP have Ferguson in charge of resources and energy and, therefore, uranium mining? And if so, do you trust him?
Warren runs hot and cold – nothing new there.
So it comes back right now to Henderson. Will he take the Angela Pamela land out of the equation. Anything less than that, and he’s hedging. Nothing new there, either.

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Local Labor always opposed u-mine at Angela Pamela: Araluen ALP candidate Adam Findlay
In both this story and in “Angela Pamela u-mine core message in Greatorex campaign?” I wonder if someone is trailing the coat.
I was active in opposing the development last time, and I will be again if it resurfaces. But since when did Angela Pamela get back on the agenda?

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Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee
Mr Gunner would do well to remember that the last NT Chief Minister to lose control of the streets in Alice was Martin, and the Intervention followed. Turnbull might have a smoother smile, but he is cast in the same mold.
And Where’s Warren will again wring his hands and cry shame, but the only shame is that he is still there. Go Jacinta! I don’t know if you will be any more effective, but remember this: You cannot do worse.
Also, consider this: There has recently been a national Angst over all the kids in detention in the NT being Indigenous, but then think how many priors each of those kids had to have had before they finally earned detention.
CM Gunner’s answer to the collapse of Alice seems to be to ignore the clearly stated preference of the majority regarding the art gallery and to work with them, but to instead indulge in a swinging big-dick moment. He wants to get real while there is still an Alice to get real over.
And the TOs and their families and friends? To be honest, I think they are scared of their own children. Or perhaps they are scared of each other.
Either way, they sure as hell aren’t doing anything.

Some creatures in The Centre used to be big
So glad the Ducks of Doom feature. As soon as I get back to Alice I will visit.

At last, public will get a say on Anzac Oval: Town Council
It will be interesting to see if the results of Council’s survey are similar to those published today by our local print newspaper.
Over a two week period it conducted an online poll asking residents of Alice what they thought of plans to use Anzac Oval for an art gallery. The results are unambiguous: From a total of 988 votes, 32.4% said it was a good idea and 67.6% said it wasn’t.
As for the old high school, over to you, Alex Nelson.

Aboriginal-led ‘from the bottom up’: cultural centre
A National Indigenous Cultural Centre is arguably so much more important, nationally, locally, and indigenously(?), than another art gallery. I imagine it would include an important and pertinent section on the birth and development of the Central Australian art movement. This last point alone would obviate the need for a National Indigenous Art Gallery, especially given that all major cities and most of the smaller ones already have their own collection of Indigenous art.
As an aside, do we really imagine that the cities, both large and small, will strip out their own collections to further a gallery in Alice Springs? Will the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory be sending its rare and priceless collection south to Alice? Of course they won’t.
And for a National Indigenous Cultural Centre to be led and directed by local Indigenous voices, in consultation with other Indigenous voices from around Australia, is only right. Their culture, their land, their choice. Hopefully Gunner and Co will, this time, listen and learn.

Council code of conduct questions not answered in public
Well then, under the theory that where there’s smoke, there’s fire (fresh dung in the farmyard on a cold winter morning notwithstanding), it seems this issue is not going to go away. I do wonder if we’ll ever learn something.
That remains to be seen, given the beauty of Section 81(2C) quoted above. Unless I’m reading it wrong, this seems to say that disciplinary committee meetings are to be held in public unless the disciplinary committee doesn’t want them to. Now that’s a get-out-of-jail card if ever I saw one!
As often quoted in other contexts, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

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