Your math regarding the average cost for an ‘episode of …

Comment on Congress board members appoint their own successors – stonewalling has started by Jason.

Your math regarding the average cost for an ‘episode of care’ needs some serious re-thinking. The funds an organisation like Congress receives are used to also pay for all the staff salaries, superannuation etc. the funding also pays for HR, IT support, equipment and of course, bandages and all the other materials needed to provide health care. The actions of a few within a large organisation does NOT undo the good work done by many.
[ED – The average cost calculation was put to Congress as a question and we are looking forward to their answer. Secondly, do you think a general practitioner just pockets his $50 to $75 consultation fee, and does not use much of it to pay for staff, superannuation, rent, equipment, power, rates, transportation, keeping abreast of new science, and so on?]

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