Hal Duel is right about the responsibility of the police, …

Comment on Briscoe inquest: Alcohol’s ‘flotsam and jetsam’ forever a burden on police? by Ian Sharp.

Hal Duel is right about the responsibility of the police, if they take someone into custody they have a clear duty of care. Especially as the man could not exercise personal responsibility, given his condition. As for the family, that’s a tough issue, a family, even with the best will in the world, may not be able to keep an adult on the rails and safe.
Hal’s suggestion of a grog free day is a step in the right direction, but I think a far better solution would be to set an appropriate floor price on alcohol here in Central Australia. That is more likely to achieve a reduction in consumption.
The NT Police Association is clearly jack of the current situation and the position it puts their members in … and rightly so. And in the Australian this week we had Pastor Basil drawing our attention to the huge bottle shops sales here in the Alice. We apparently have two of the three biggest outlets in Australia! No wonder it is carnage.
The Police Association say we have inadequate liquor restrictions. That is because of Govt failure to stand up to the liquor industry. Gutless Government? NT Labor might actually win an Alice Springs seat in the NT Parliament if they did something constructive.
I will ignore “Fred”, and others of his ilk, until he has the courage of his opinions to put his name to them.

Recent Comments by Ian Sharp

Classroom cops back – but only in one Alice school
There were school cops at ASHS and Anzac in the 80s and 90s, also at Centralian for a while. The success depended on the cops’ willingness to muck in, most were good, some excellent.
A positive influence in the schools. No need for guns though, crikey, we are not America yet.

Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school
Trust a geographer to have a look at a map! And the stats. Good analysis Steff.
And her point is right, government schools are a good place for Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids to mix in. It worked for our kids at Sadadeen Primary and Anzac Hill High.
Trevor Read is a top bloke, did great work at ASHS years ago, but had climbed Jim Hackers Greasy Pole.
He is now the head departmental honcho in the Alice and is spruiking the official line, Sir Humphrey style, trying to steer us away from the obvious. But what can be done?
Would rezoning be likely to cause a shift from public to private, rather than rebalance the student mix? A great opportunity for some creative thinking here.
In my mind this is a bigger issue for the Alice than Anzac Oval.
Get together Steff and Trev, two good smart people, help Alice schools get back on track. For the good of all.

Elkedra jackaroo: station life in the 1950s
Another great read from the Alice Springs News Online. Takes us back to a different world.

‘Bring back school based constables’
I remember joining the staff at Alice Springs Highschool in ’86 and being surprised to find there was a school cop.
We had a couple of good ones, including Kym Davies, did a lot for the kids, including a boating expedition on the Roper. And kept the staff in line too.

Genocide in Australia – unthinkable?
Well said John Bell. I look forward to reading Tatz’s book now.

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