@n Another of our FIRST AUSTRALIANS has “died in custody” …

Comment on Briscoe inquest: Alcohol’s ‘flotsam and jetsam’ forever a burden on police? by Coralie Cassady, Townsville.

@n Another of our FIRST AUSTRALIANS has “died in custody” and it appears that no-one will be held accountable for this human being’s death. Aboriginal deaths in custody will continue until someone has the balls to stand up and say “no more”! The Mulrunji Doomadgee death in custody here in Townsville showed the world how racist the Queensland coppers could be. Copper Chris Hurley walked free, obtained a massive payout AND was promoted! What’s that telling ya? Kill an Aborigine, walk free, no penalty! Makes me wonder if RACISM against Aborigines manifests in each state and the coppers perpetuate the situation. RIP Mr. Briscoe. You never received JUSTICE in this life … hope you receive it in your next life.

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