To those who have commented regarding an alcohol free day …

Comment on Briscoe inquest: Alcohol’s ‘flotsam and jetsam’ forever a burden on police? by S.

To those who have commented regarding an alcohol free day for Alice Springs, perhaps the following needs to be considered:
• Due to the current legislative restrictions there are a number of people who are unable to consume alcohol legally in Alice Springs without being on premise. Is it possible that in some circumstances this results in unsafe drinking practices in an effort to quickly consume any alcohol and evade detection by police?
• There are a significant number of people who are so physically reliant on alcohol that withdrawal can have serious medical consequences and an alcohol free day may actually cause them harm, or create a situation where they resort to desperate measures to obtain alcohol.
• The current alcohol sales times, both on and off premise, potentially create a situation where some consumers are at a peak intoxication level in the early evening, a time when children and other family members are around. Perhaps different opening / selling hours could create a situation where consumers have passed the peak intoxication stage by this time and could be “sleeping off” the effects.
This entire issue is obviously a complex one with no easy solutions and unfortunately impacts on all residents of Alice Springs in some way.

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