Erwin, governments hire consultants often as delaying strategies like setting …

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Erwin, governments hire consultants often as delaying strategies like setting up a committee. It has the appearance of something being done, but puts off the need to actually do something until later when hopefully, the voters have cooled down or moved onto the next crisis. Regrettably, governments also have little faith in their staff (whom they hired as being the best people for the job) and hire consultants to do what the staff most likely could have done better. However, those of us who consult have to make a buck too, so keep on hiring.

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What a week!
If a grant funded organisation like Congress has run into trouble, then there’s a good bet that the public sector agencies managing the grant have failed to pick up on the problems of the fund recipient. Fund recipients provide periodic financial returns that are usually analysed and vetted before the next quarter of funding is released. ATSIC/ATSIS had a schedule for major reviews of funded organisations, the frequency of which was determined by degree of assessed risk. If someone in Congress has done the wrong thing, there should perhaps be some bum kicking in the funding agencies also. None of these disasters occur in isolation.

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Four more years of same-same
We needed a council that will focus on council issues and not the so-called progressive issues of gender confusion, revision of history including changing Australia Day, renaming Father’s Day, unbridled immigration, destruction of coal fired power stations and the associated “flattening” of industry as described in our inexplicable signing of the UN’s Lima Accord. It seems that’s what the people elected.

Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016
To Lyn Watson and family, our deepest sympathies. Michelle was a true example of our human spirit and will be missed, but remembered by all with whom she came in contact.

We have four times the nation’s rate of road deaths
It would be nice to see police enforcing stop signs, failing to keep right or left when turning right or left i.e., driving into the incorrect lane after the turn at intersections like the Stuart Highway and Larapinta Drive.
The idiots who signal to turn right on the approach of a roundabout and then drive straight ahead could also stand some attention.
All of these offences indicate that either drivers don’t care about road rules, don’t know them, or are just plain sloppy. Sloppiness in one part of their driving leads to other aspects of sloppiness and eventually traffic incidents.

The green, green grass of the Stuart Highway
Well done by the police. With only two major roads in and out of the Territory, hopefully they can knock off a few more drug peddlers.

Call to show respect for the flag
Flags must be maintained in good repair also. Flags that are falling apart at the seams should not be displayed.

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