Thanks Neil (and Alice Springs News) Amazing photos. Overheard a …

Comment on Brrrr! by Linda Wells.

Thanks Neil (and Alice Springs News) Amazing photos. Overheard a visitor to Alice the other day on the phone to her granddaughter. The young girl asked, is it hot up there? Funny that’s the overall impression of Alice Springs even though it also gets so cold.

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They must be joking!
Congratulations to whoever came up with the rabbit. It is a perfect accompaniment, as some correspondents have pointed out, to a building that is totally wrong. I wish that building could fall down. It will forever stand as a testament to the arrogance and distastefulness of Giles and his disgraceful mob. Hi Alice Springs.

Boardwalk now a permanent blight on the landscape
I am with Sue Fielding. Take it down. It is wrong on so many levels and right on none. It is shamefully ugly and inappropriate. It’s removal would be money well spent by the incoming government.

Youth detention Royal Commission ‘compromised’
While Nero fiddled Rome burnt. Now Turnbull is fiddling. Thanks for this article Erwin.
It looks like this Royal Commission is a token to shut us all up and keep international condemnation at bay.
Martin is an inappropriate appointment as is Giles’s involvement and the absence of Aboriginal representation or involvement. A nice little junket for the boys.

Blackfellers buggering around whitefellers, where’s the off button?
Yes Ralph, it’s not all about us. And is it really useful to talk about ‘Aboriginal people’ like they’re one thing – a conglomerate mass of blacks.
There are all sorts of Aboriginal people doing all kinds of things for all manner of reasons.
If we do have to talk about certain people (to support the point raised by Hal), can we start using more specific terms instead of lumping everyone together?

LETTER: Should we dam the Todd?
Maybe when that 20 year moratorium was put in place it was hoped that 20 years on people would be wiser and smarter and they wouldn’t raise the whole ugly issue again. What happened 20 years ago was cynical, divisive and underhand. There are many more sensible and responsible options for flood mitigation than a dam or levy. I think it starts with looking at the natural drainage systems of the town and working with them, clearing out build ups and blockages as Hal says and using the drainage potential of floodplains such as Coolibah swamp instead of fighting against it.

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