When over the years, an organisation becomes too large and …

Comment on Questions about Snowdon as Congress CEO quits by Maya Cifali.

When over the years, an organisation becomes too large and develops too many branches and programs, and sub-branches and sub-programs, the central financial control often fails to monitor the fluidity of funds from one program to the other, and possibly beyond…
CAAC’s scope is to offer an alternative primary health care to the indigenous sector of the Central Australia population. Keep it at that. Additional peripheral activities and therefore additional revenues have generated the intricacies of political pursuit of local power to the detriment of Congress’s core objective. I would suggest to simply go back to the roots and forget the frills.

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Pitchi Ritchi: Nobody home
Heritage Alice Springs Inc located at The Residency is the association which is developing Pitchy Ritchy into a tourist venue. Not as easy as it sounds.

Will more consultants get tourism out of the mire?
Trevor and Mark (3rd and 4th July).
I share your views and the deplorable waste of money.
Visitor centre and tourist information should really be located at the entrance of town not in the middle of a mall which is neither pedestrian nor open to traffic.
The attraction of the old centralian town has been systematically demolished. KPMG or Deloitte are in no way aware of the taste and needs of visitors, mostly grey nomads not ready to go cycling or on long bush hikes at risk of heart attacks in +40o heat.
The young ones do not have the money to spend in town, the self funded retirees expect good service when they spend top $ in hotels and restaurants.
Lately we have seen how recommendations of consultancies reports are not taken into account in decision making.
This town has so much to offer, however most overseas publicity still markets Uluru and its airfares above the local attractions.
Above it all the greedy landlords of business premises in the CBD could keep their rental at affordable rate – and I think here of Centrecorp.
Put all these factors together and we may be able to solve the current depressed economics of a Town like Alice.

At last, public will get a say on Anzac Oval: Town Council
@ Russell Guy, 28 June: YESSS, mini CBDs – I like the concept because it can work and decentralise.
And put people in the current CBD and they will bring life, perhaps at the old Anzac high school site. A few ideas out of the square may help.

At last, public will get a say on Anzac Oval: Town Council
Thank you Jimmy for starting a long overdue process of proper consultation of the people of this town by those who are elected to represent this town.

So far there has been no dialogue. The NT Government decided on its own preferred site for reasons of its own, still to be disclosed.

There are 3 issues at hand to be considered; they are very distinct even though interrelated in the long run:

1) the best site for a national Indigenous art gallery, good enough to be visited from all over the world whereever it may located. I would certainly like it to be Alice Springs: the beating heart of Central Australia and its Indigenous population.

2) the revival of the CBD: the downfall of the town centre is mainly due to the excessive rental cost of any business located in the CBD, the unfortunate “misbehavior” of some youth and, I may add, the location of our best hotels and caravan parks being at a fair distance, usually not walking distance, from the CBD.

3) an overall urban plan for Alice Springs – instead of the ad hoc buildings and sets of flats mushrooming here and there without unity of style or coherent pattern – which will include a National gallery for aboriginal art.

Time for Council to play, fair and hard, for the benefit of all.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
Very good reporting. Thank you Kieran.
Relieved that the Alice Springs Town Council did not fall into accepting an MOU which was very restrictive.
Again and again it must be stressed that a NATIONAL Aboriginal Art Gallery (not only Museum) which allows for permanent and temporary exhibitions is not a local investment to bring relief to the small businesses of the CBD.
It is a vision for the whole of Australia to be proud of and show the world that Australia values her Indigenous population and its culture.
Therefore the “conversation”, “consultation”, “inclusion” of the TOs of Alice Springs in the decision making is most important. Not as a token, but as equal partners. A Mayor and a Chief Minister are only part of the process.
If millions are to be spent, make sure that they are well spent.
Concentrate on the best for a National Aboriginal Art Gallery (NAAG) – like the National Library of Australia or the National Gallery of Australia.
Not on side lines like love of rugby or respect for Anzac hill or revitalization of the Mall.
If it is the best, starting from a clean slate for best design, the benefit will naturally flow on to the town and its tourist revival. The Sydney Opera House became “iconic” after its completion, not a priori.

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