If a roundabout is built, some Alice Springs drivers may …

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If a roundabout is built, some Alice Springs drivers may have to be taught how to use a roudabout properly ie. get the idea of “giving way to the right” out of your head. That rule does not apply to roundabouts, and people who think it does are the main reason they are not used efficiently in this, and many other towns.

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Council plays swings and roundabouts
Hi Hal, the “give way to the right” rule is primarily used at uncontrolled interesections. At roundabouts, the rule is that you give way to all traffic on (or in) the roundabout. It really means that a car on your left is on the roundabout before you are, you must yield to them, even though you are on their right. The problems I see in this town is people stop at roundabouts and wait for any vehicle that is on their right, even ones that nowhere near entering. This prevents the traffic flowing smoothly through the roundabout so they are not operating as efficiently as they should. Interesting to note Hal, that no vehicle has “right of way” over another, but all have an obligation to “give way” in certain circumstances. Here is the link to the relevant section of the Australian road rules on roundabouts.
I hope council does not need to run an information session, as having a valid licence should mean people understand road rules as they apply throughout the country. I have also seen comments where people say there needs to be signs showing which way to go, but these signs are already there, they are shaped like an upside down triangle at the entrance to all roundabouts, in the “Give Way” format, that show the direction of travel with direction arrows (clockwise) and also indicate that you give way to all traffic on the roundabout as per my points above.
Hope this helps Hal

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With all the talk of it needing to be in town, has anybody seen the Outback at Isa, or the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, both visonary, massive tourist destinations outside of town?
Of course nobody visits these places because the are so far away.
Forget it, fix crime, make the mall vibrant, fix crime, build it somewhere where people cannot miss it.
Why not keep ANZAC as it is, and put the oval where the proposed footy fields are going to go.
This land is available for it, and seeing TOs’ opinion counts for nothing, plonk it there.
No lights spilling across to the Bradshaw residents. It seems every time you think about it, another viable option becomes obvious.

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@ Maya: The Lovegrove roundabout is a brilliant piece of infrastructure that caters for vehicles of all sizes. It has to be the size it is and I am sure it has saved a fatality or serious injury since being built. That corner is now safe and free flowing. Thanks Adam.

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Ha ha, body worn vests. Not sure how else a vest is worn if not on the body?
Maybe the info supplied to the Alice Springs News Online meant to say body worn cameras? The same ones supplied to operational police and most recently housing officers.
On another note, Alex, are you serious? Criminal guards? Maybe you refer to the farce of a RC, who referred matters to NT Police who found no basis for charges to be laid against the workers involved.
One of the workers was charged in Supreme Court, but found to be acting lawfully, skilfully and appropriately, not once but also on appeal. Transcript is available.
As far as raising the age of criminal responsibility? Simply means that kids will be free to break in, bash, steal, rob, destroy for two more years and face no real consequence.
Tell me how that goes down when you are confronted with a 13-year-old girl with a knife. Believe me, these kids know right from wrong at 10, but we give them two years’ grace.
These are not naughty children, then are unloved kids who have learned that it is kill or be killed, and get a kick out of seeing somebody else in fear rather than them.

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Employment for up to 200 staff to run it, their families, infastructure, employment, local businesses to supply food, and equipment.
Located 20 to 30km out of town, like the current NT one is, what is there not to like.
If the Feds are paying, the technology will be pretty good. Go for it.

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Evelyn, sorry I have no idea what it may be, but this link might give an indication of what members of statutory bodies are paid.

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