Erwin, I think you and Council have both contributed to …

Comment on Town council’s ‘regional’ landfill: cart before the horse? by Rod Cramer.

Erwin, I think you and Council have both contributed to muddying the waters. The public money grant is to spend far too much money with “shop front infrastructure” for the dump. Nothing at all to do with any bizarre plan as a regional repository, or Council’s ongoing lip service to make a “silk purse from a sow’s ear”. I made a similar comment on your pages some time ago. Council are helping to confuse people with their constant use of hi-faloutin terms for what still is a dump. Landfill is a process that they have never understood. I guess its a case of “we’ll call it a ‘silk purse’ anyway”.
Properly managed dumps will seldom smell. What we still have is a “shit tip”, run by the same people who ordered the “Emperor’s new clothes”!
[Hi Rod … thanks for your comment. But in what way did the Alice News muddy the waters? We reported what we were told by council, shire and government officials, or facts we could obtain by research, bringing these matters before the public. That’s our job.]

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Town council’s ‘regional’ landfill: cart before the horse?
Your very first line! From a reader’s perspective, the differentiation between the RDA money, and what it’s not being spent on, has been far from clear. While I’m no fan of any Council Officer, I thought Greg Buxton’s (later?) statement was quite succinct for once. The RDA money, as I pointed out already in the earlier article, will do nothing to change the legacy of a sow’s ear that successive Councils are leaving the Community in perpetuity. No “upgrading” of the tip is within Council’s capability going by its track record. A flash roof on doesn’t compensate for poor, or indeed no, foundations. I’ve been saying this since 1980; one day the penny will drop, but the longer it takes, all the more damage to deal with. (You have never researched me.)
[ED – Hi Rod, apologies, there are about 25,000 other people in Alice Springs I haven’t researched on on this story.]

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