“This council shouldn’t in any way, shape or form, question …

Comment on Engineers rule? by Gavin Carpenter.

“This council shouldn’t in any way, shape or form, question an engineer, we should take the advice as provided.” NO, NO, NO, WRONG!!!
Sorry, Chansey Paech. You are elected to be on the lookout for unreasonable, unworkable, expensive or idiotic ideas put to council, you will find plenty of them over time.
Question and if not happy question again the so called engineers, including anyone producing work or working for council.
Maybe you have not been around over the last 45 years to see some of the major c#$@ups, Territory wide, costing thousands to fix.
Usually us common plebs know nothing, are treated like mushrooms and are expected to adopt the stance of kids of old, be seen but not heard!
(Just pay more taxes or rates to fix the problems the “educated” design and build.)

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