Cheers Bess. Well you don’t need a CV do you? …

Comment on Keep your nose out of our business, candidate tells Amnesty International by Glen.

Cheers Bess. Well you don’t need a CV do you? Just repeat this diatribe every time somebody threatens to dare ask a question and you’ll probably snuff out the temerity. Look, your passion, compassion and deepest roots to your country are not in question. What is in question is your judgement. The intervention has been an unqualified failure. It has been a disaster for your people because you and your people had no input into its formation. But now you back the intervention unquestioningly even though it is a white man’s construct. Where is your justifiable attack on the intervention? Or are you poised to be the white man’s puppet who trumpets support for a white man’s folly in a bid to ultimately be a interchange player in further bad policy decisions? Your pluck is admirable but you could be leading a charge for genuine Aboriginal control, not shoring up the latest attempt at assimilation.

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