For the readers information these are questions I have sent …

Comment on Mandatory sentencing or not, that is the question by Bob Taylor.

For the readers information these are questions I have sent to the two main candidates for Braitling.
“I am concerned about what I am hearing about this process of fracking and its possible impact on the groundwater supply in Central Australia especially the town of Alice Springs and its surrounds. Could you please let me know your parties position and/or policies on this issue, the following questions come to mind on this matter:
Is horizontal or vertical fracking allowed anywhere near the Alice Springs water supply aquifers?
Is horizontal or vertical fracking allowed anywhere near cattle stations, farms or other potential food producing properties or lands where groundwater is available?
If it was allowed in these areas is it possible that fracking at, under or near a water supply could allow the ground water to vanish into voids or spaces created by fracking at a greater depth?
Will the chemicals or other substances used during the fracking process contaminate the groundwater supplies in these areas?
Will the voids created by any subsequent mining, oil or gas extraction be filled by the groundwater leaking into these voids through fracture in ground created by fracking?
Will the water used for fracking be at the expense of domestic use, stock use or any food producing water?
If your party forms the next NT Government will you be approving any present or future applications for fracking?
Would an Environment Management Plan for fracking or a mining process which may include fracking be able to guarantee the survival of existing groundwater supplies in or around any mining or exploration lease?”
Note: According to Wikipedea online “In 2011 France became the first nation to ban hydraulic fracturing.”

Recent Comments by Bob Taylor

Government backflips on alcohol floor price: Lambley
Interesting to see that Scotland recently introduced a floor price on achohol.

Too hot? Try laying bricks.
Good on you boys, a tough way to earn a dollar, but someone has got to do it. Hope they have plenty of sunscreen on to protect themselves from the sun’s direct rays and the indirect rays off the blocks. It took me a while, but as a lot of people did, I laid all the blocks on our family home in the late 1970’s, in my spare time after working five and half days a week for Barlclay Bros and then Sitzler Bros.

Getting screwed
Hal: Are America, Australia or the whole world getting screwed?
Before we all get screwed or whatever, Happy New Year, everyone.

New attraction while we can’t look after the ones we have?
A timely comment Alex. Let us hope the powers that be and the general community are paying attention.
Thank you for your insightful comments throughout the year.
Happy New Year for 2018, Alex.

Recommendations in for National Indigenous Art Gallery site
If they / we are looking for a MONA effect and an outcome that the whole world will want to come and see, the following may be required as a minimum:
A David Walsh type person with a vision, passion and skills necessary to drive this major project. Retain ANZAC Oval and the rugby facilities, so there is a green buffer between the proposed National Indigenous Art Gallery and the CBD.
Purchase the RSL property and together with the high school site, build something grand with a sweeping northeasterly aspect into, around and backing onto ANZAC Hill appropriate to any needs of the traditional owners of the hill.
Place the main entrance and vehicle access on Schwarz Crescent with an improved foot / cycle pathway system linking into the CBD on either side of ANZAC Oval. Just another comment to keep the ideas flowing.

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