I think this is a great idea! I think it …

Comment on Spend big on a youth centre, says councillor by Gavin Henderson.

I think this is a great idea! I think it would work well! Although, the only way to make it work and to make it work well, is to get young people to make it their own, though them deciding what goes where etc. This way, the young people take ownership of the space and it is less likely to become a dump.
To be honest, somewhere like the Memo club would be fantastic. Right in the middle of town, heaps of space that can accommodate a Headspace doctor (as an example) and also have a huge space if young people want to hang out. With a space like this, young people will have a place to go, instead of being on the streets.
Like I said earlier. If this is going to work, young people have to be consulted with, to make the space their own.

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