Steve, if you would debate as a public official instead …

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Steve, if you would debate as a public official instead of slamming, you might be more impressive. Your simplistic comments are becoming easier to engage than your earlier tortured claims, but your ability to form coherent policy and present it in these posts is wasted by your defensive attitude to the “Loopy Left.”
Your youth centre idea is essentially sound, but the detail is seriously wanting. Slamming counter arguments is not helping the community. Take a leaf out of Phil Walcott’s book and, while we’re on the subject, I think Phil’s idea re a youth centre in the Anzac Hill precinct has merit, economically, historically and culturally.
I’m yet to see you try to accommodate anybody else’s ideas in these posts, leaving me with the opinion that Steve Brown is really only about himself.

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Spend big on a youth centre, says councillor
Steve Brown, through his alter ego, talks about sending “a very strong message of change” to youth, yet he advocates seven days per week take-away alcohol sales and extended trading hours.

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Hermannsburg historic precinct gets cash injection
With thanks to the pioneering Lutheran Missionaries whose venture of faith during the 1880s was a hard slog and is well-recorded.
Their Christian concern for the Arrernte underpins our tourist industry at a time when such religious freedom as allowed their Mission Station to implement employment and educational training programs are not considered significant by a large portion of our population, including the majority of politicians.

Emirates jetliner dumps fuel on Central Australia
I believe the Galaxy is short field take off / landing as opposed to the Airbus / Boeing Emirates type which may make the comparison inequitable.
Just saying and stand correcting, but the Alice is well known as an emergency field for long-haul flights, so weight is an issue. Since the port of departure is some hours north, fuel load could still have been critical.

Outback Way to get more bitumen
There goes the neighbourhood.

NT-SA agreement hardly historic
Paul Keating, in his 1992 Redfern Speech, framed by speechwriter Don Watson, author of the somewhat dryly punitive opus, The Bush, also claimed a historic mandate, announcing success for Reconciliation “within the next decade.”
It’s in the nature of politics to claim credit for doing something, mostly spending tax revenue and living in hope that it won’t run out.
In my opinion, the “historic” issue is just a beat up or a sop.
Pass me another piece of Bicenttennial birthday cake, please.

Greens on Pine Gap: Move towards non-aligned foreign policy
The Greens, once declared an “alternative” political party, inherited the structural social and cultural goalposts, but they keep trying to kick goals through them.
Kinselas’s, one of Sydney’s long established pubs, was recently sold through the Sunsuper-backed Australian Pub Fund for $22m.
It was purchased in 2010 for $10m, but it’s been said that it would have gone for $40m had the NSW government’s lock-out laws not been enacted.
Senator Di Natale obviously supports other supply-reduction measures, but dealing with the structural wealth of Super funds and their investment in the alcohol industry is a bit more difficult than continuing to bang the party political donation route to government corruption.
It would be nice if politicians who eschew liberal social policy when it suits them, could tackle financial regulation through institutionalised investment in the alcohol industry.

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