ALP Pork barreling again? What about agriculture as a vehicle …

Comment on Labor would spend as much on a third set of footy oval lights as it would on the rest of Alice by Ian Quin.

ALP Pork barreling again? What about agriculture as a vehicle for community development, gives people a real job and dignity.
The ALP is clearly anti agriculture as seen by declining to participate in Ord stage 2, the decline to assist AAA Co’s meat works proposal in Darwin, the imbalance of regulation versus innovation by the DOR.
Well done by ALP, the footy lights will really get a few votes but in the end there may not be any one there to play footy except a few welfare entitlement holders. The same applies to the Palmerston water slide – how many millions wasted there?

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The Territory ALP government has decided NOT to join the Federal Government and the WA Government in developing Ord stage 2, despite most of the land for development being in the NT. The ALP has demonstrated it is opposed to agricultural development in the NT despite agriculture being part of the economic solution for regional areas and indigenous communities. The ALP strategy is hand outs and part time jobs. What about a rural economy that gives people pride and self esteem from a proper job in a real economy?

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