@Janet Brown August 18 2012. You are stuck in the past …

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@Janet Brown August 18 2012.
You are stuck in the past Janet Brown if you believe that just a few people do not want the Stuart statue on council lawns. The fact is Janet that the twenty thousand people that you claim to know better than I were NEVER consulted in the first place.
David Chewings aka THE lone dingo.

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Home at last?
@ Hal Duell Posted August 19 2012 at 4:08 pm
@ Hal Duell Posted August 27 2012 at 12: 30 am
You have posted here, regarding the John McDouall Stuart statue, that you reckon it’s OK wherever they put it … and let’s get it up.
Not good enough Hal.
In another Territory publication, a member of the Alice Springs Public Art Advisory Committee, Lisa Stefanoff, states clearly that the committee was not consulted two years ago or this year either. Will the town council get away with such an obvious lack of consultation?
D. R. Chewings aka THE lone dingo

Home at last?
Russell Guy, thank you for another thoughtful piece from your fine mind.
Penola, in SA, is a town which has had a flourish, in terms of public art in recent years. I have no doubt that the Alice could benefit from the ways that you, Bob Durnan and other locals suggest.
Dimboola is another peaceful little town which can provide a good example for the Alice. Dimmy has had zero racial tension for many years.
The local police station is proud to fly the Aboriginal First Australians flag.
Penola is part of the Limestone Coast, my stomping ground and is where we whitefellas destroyed the local culture through colonisation etc.
Like Tassie, the place is well worth a visit especially as the weather warms.
D. R. Chewings aka THE lone dingo

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This is a commendable report Erwin. David Chewings.

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