Looking at the statue’s photo, it looks more like just …

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Looking at the statue’s photo, it looks more like just an excuse to display a bunch of blokes names on a plaque, who belong to an outdated and outmoded clubby club. In the article’s description no mention is made that the huge plinth carries a map of Stuart’s explorations [maybe it does]. I would have thought this had much more relevance to the “story” of Stuart than lists of blokes who had nothing or very little, to do with either Stuart or this statue.
If I remember correctly, the Freemasons had a chat with the Mayor [in private, I believe] in March and he gave his OK without consulting the Council’s own Public Art Committee and it wasn’t till August that this donation was made public. The Mayor had lots of time to consult with his own committee, but seemed to choose not to. The Mayor and other holders of public office need to understand that just because someone wishes to donate a piece of “art” this does not mean that it has to be accepted or that it is appropriate to the town or time.
PS.: I have thoroughly enjoyed 12 out of the 13 comments made. Keep up the good dialogue, people.

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