Bit of an ambit claim there Phil – “the people …

Comment on Fund Solar City and Water Smart, not footy lights: Alice environmentalists by Tim Blatch.

Bit of an ambit claim there Phil – “the people of the electorate and I”.
There are opposing views in any electorate, even though I suspect not a large opposing view in this particular case.

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Giles handing out millions to motor sports?
@ Margaret
Your comments may be better accepted if you refrained from your own puerile put-down of a different sub-culture other than your own.
I mean I’d definitely not bundle you in with the “arty-farty latte-sipping fluffy huggy Greenies” now would I?

Magistrate fails Transport Hall of Fame: Liz Martin
That’s right Kevin. Blame the victim.

The cockies are back!
We always believed that Black Cockatoos meant rain was on the way.

Leslie Oldfield, 1941-2012
A great person – sorry that we didn’t see as much of her after Alice Springs as we would have wished.

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