I cannot believe that the voters of Alice Springs voted …

Comment on Mills pledges $2.5m for Youth Centre “transformation,” gets attacked over drunkenness measures by Lou.

I cannot believe that the voters of Alice Springs voted for a party that has committed no more than 2.7 million dollars. Kinda sad that we will be heading back into the dark ages, so I take it that land release will not continue as the CLP stated that they were not going to talk or negotiate with TOs and custodians. So how are we going to progress with this one. Not a huge fan of Labor but at least that finally got land released in the Alice.
Steven, it could and will get a lot worse under the CLP if they are not careful, turn on the tap and not doing anything about it is not actually caring for the people of our town. I think that Labor losing the election is not a bad thing, maybe in four years’ time the people of Alice Springs may actually realise that the ALP did do a lot for this town.

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Let’s face it, Foley is running an old agenda. I live in this electorate and am sick of people going on and on about it … let’s look at other pressing issues in our area: schools, housing, law and order … Greatorex has the highest public housing properties and a large amount of violence in the Sadadeen areas and yet no mention of that.

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