Forgive Them. After all in Germany it’s not been all …

Comment on Alice singled out in German Foreign Office travel warning by FresnoJoe.

Forgive Them. After all in Germany it’s not been all that safe for strangers or natives alike!
What Alice Springs needs (IMO) is more tourists not less. Tourists with a heart of thanksgiving for their neighbors Down Under (drunk or not) and a heart for this amazing land God gave to them.
And after all, I’ve heard there is no cover-charge for the nightly fights in Alice Springs – so what’s to worry? lol.

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“By far our longest serving politician (1987 to 1996 and from 1998 to the present) surely Warren could be expected to be the doyen of the Territory politicians, our elder statesman. However, it’s a case of the lights are on, but no-one’s at home.”
We have those birds in the USA too.
Well Written Piece!
Praying for the folks of Alice Springs.
May The LORD bless your socks off this year.
In Jesus, Amen.

Love, Joe

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This should draw lots more young US tourist couples if the word were ever to sneak out … children friendly AND skateboarding.
PS: My darling wife disagrees but, but there ought to be a way … thinking, thinking.

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