Like a lot of things in Alice Springs, mainly in …

Comment on Murdoch’s Centralian Advocate probes Alice Springs News Online – and engages in selective quoting by Kim Petersen.

Like a lot of things in Alice Springs, mainly in the last 10 years, if everyone is controlled by the government stalling of progress by almost forcing developers into a corner on available land, which is were all this type of panic comes from, you have a developer that needs a return on investment, that is a profit on land sale, with a package deal having to be thought up, probably with very little margin for the actual builder to deliver on time, and on budget, not to mention problems with finding good reliable workers that complete each stage on time. Very sad, Hendo!

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Is the town over all the talk?
I would like to see all the Aboriginal people looking out, and looking after each other, surely this the key to the progress of their race, then you won’t have young kids playing up, drinking the cheap grog, etc. Also I think most of them are bored, and naturally look for things that may not be the best things to do for them, or the rest of the Territory, as this trouble goes on I would like to say state wide, but that has not got that far, yet. I realize that we have many tribes of the Aboriginal race to negotiate peace with, I suppose we have to keep trying.

Revitalisation works just about set to go
I am pleased to see final plans on Alice Springs News Online site of the changes to northern end of Todd Mall. This should open up the area to traffic dropping off outside the shops which will be popular in summer temps. Is there any timed parking? I made a short video in 1982 of the one way mall, and the parking available then. It can be viewed on youtube and runs about 6 minutes.
On the subject of welcoming the tourists, can you re-visit the Ghan rail station scenic walk to town, which is only half completed from 2005 plans which I found at ATOMIQ design group QLD.

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