Says Dr Walker: “Taking the Pilbara again, decision-making is now …

Comment on Remote Oz: neglect is just the beginning by Hal Duell.

Says Dr Walker: “Taking the Pilbara again, decision-making is now largely centralised in Canberra and Perth or crystallised in those locations by decisions taken in boardrooms that are in some cases not even in Australia.”
If true, and I see no good reason to doubt it, both our State and Federal governments are acting in the interest of mining corporations first, Australians second.
For instance, when a mining tax is suggested the Federal Opposition howls to the heavens.
But we need to not only keep some of that money in Australia, but in remote Australia.
It seems to me that the danger is once the mining boom peters out, remote Australia will be left with holes in the ground and little else. After all, we are selling the country by the bucket-load, and eventually the bucket will come up empty.
Perhaps a re-jigging of priorities is necessary. There are those who say that if we tighten up, the miners will go elsewhere. South Africa and Brazil are often mentioned.
Well, let them go. And when those nations have exhausted their mines the miners can come back and ask again. They will still need our minerals, and we will still have them.
Meanwhile, our proximity to China will keep things ticking over. Ask them to invest in more than just holes in the ground. They’re smart, they play a long game, and they just might do it.

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