@3: Hal, please reconsider your pledge to Cr Eli to …

Comment on Selling parks again on the agenda by Erwin Chlanda.

@3: Hal, please reconsider your pledge to Cr Eli to “refrain from asking you any more specific questions outside of Question Time during Council meetings”. Having a debate in this online newspaper is as much a democratic exercise as is sitting in the town council’s public gallery. Except here vastly more people see it than would fit into that gallery, or are bothered to go there.
Editor Erwin.

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Selling parks again on the agenda
An exchange via Twitter …

Eli Melky AliceSprings ‏@EliMelky
How a good idea is misunderstood. Get all the facts 1st. . Selling parks again on the agenda – http://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/2012/09/12/selling-parks-again-on-the-agenda/ … (via @sociablesite)

Erwin Chlanda @alice_news
@EliMelky @sociablesite Hi Eli … exactly which facts did we not understand, and did we not get? alicespringsnews.com.au

Eli Melky AliceSprings
@alice_news @sociablesite its not about cleverly avoiding controversy, its about good economic management & better parks. $2m is alot of $$$

Erwin Chlanda ‏@alice_news
@EliMelky @sociablesite That’s an opinion (which, of course, you’re entitled to express) but not necessarily a fact. http://www.alicespringsnews.com.au

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A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
“Dr Ongo”: Thank you! I know at least five of them. I will speak with them, and I will report the results. I will also seek your advice.

A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
Hi Domenico: No confusion here. As you seem to be pointing out, community leaders proposing “viable options, each backed up with factual data” are pretty thin on the ground. To wait for them to spring into action is silly, and complaining if they don’t is a waste of time.
The initiatives need to come from the people, whom the politicians are meant to be serving, by doing as they are told.
The Alice Springs News Online is far from presenting a “solution”. We are presenting facts from authoritative sources and background from our story archive.
As you can see, a discussion has started, with further contributions of fact, as a result of which consultation can occur – from the people to the pollies, not the other way round.
The government imposed “preferred solution” elsewhere has just taken a big hiding, as we all have seen.
By the way, if you can name an Aboriginal spokesperson with unchallenged authority on the subject, please let us know.

A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
Hi Domenico: “Serious community consultation?” You are taking part in it right now, right here.
The Alice Springs News Online is now in its 26th year. We’ve published 17,242 readers’ comments since July 29, 2011, each of them moderated to ensure decorum, and giving a voice to the broad spectrum of opinion in our community. This is not counting Letters to the Editor nor frequent comment pieces by guest writers.
We reach an average of 18,000 readers (see the regularly updated web traffic boxes on every page). AND we’re locally owned.

CLP propaganda courtesy of a Senate office?
Hi “Spot”: Thank you for your comment. We have had many reports about the importance of the Outback Highway – google this site!
To promote this project through his office is clearly part of Senator Scullion’s job. To promote the CLP is not.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor

Can Jacinta Price sit in Town Council and Federal Parliament?
@ Hal Duell: That would leave the question of her four year commitment to the Town Council by Cr Price.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

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