@3: Hal, please reconsider your pledge to Cr Eli to …

Comment on Selling parks again on the agenda by Erwin Chlanda.

@3: Hal, please reconsider your pledge to Cr Eli to “refrain from asking you any more specific questions outside of Question Time during Council meetings”. Having a debate in this online newspaper is as much a democratic exercise as is sitting in the town council’s public gallery. Except here vastly more people see it than would fit into that gallery, or are bothered to go there.
Editor Erwin.

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Selling parks again on the agenda
An exchange via Twitter …

Eli Melky AliceSprings ‏@EliMelky
How a good idea is misunderstood. Get all the facts 1st. . Selling parks again on the agenda – http://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/2012/09/12/selling-parks-again-on-the-agenda/ … (via @sociablesite)

Erwin Chlanda @alice_news
@EliMelky @sociablesite Hi Eli … exactly which facts did we not understand, and did we not get? alicespringsnews.com.au

Eli Melky AliceSprings
@alice_news @sociablesite its not about cleverly avoiding controversy, its about good economic management & better parks. $2m is alot of $$$

Erwin Chlanda ‏@alice_news
@EliMelky @sociablesite That’s an opinion (which, of course, you’re entitled to express) but not necessarily a fact. http://www.alicespringsnews.com.au

Recent Comments by Erwin Chlanda

Hundreds of empty plastic wine bottles in Todd
Hi Scarlett, we gave the right of reply to the retailer and we reported his response. We asked police to comment because they, if they are present at the bottle shop, enquire with some purchasers of liquor where they intend to consume it. If the nominated location is a place where drinking of alcohol is prohibited, such as the Todd River, the liquor is usually confiscated.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor

Warrant for police search of construction firm office
Laurence and Richard: What nonsense. No accusations are being made. This is an accurate report of an infrequent, unusual and serious police activity. As such it is news. We do not interpret that activity. No more and no less.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

NATS benefit to economy open to question
Hi Gabs and Brent: We’re not denying that local businesses benefitted from the NATS. We’re just demanding accurate figures about the extent of that benefit.

As taxpayers I’m sure you would like that information as well. We’ll do our best to bring it to you.

Erwin Chlanda, Editor, Alice Springs News Online

Journalists as prostitutes
@ “Laurence”: This piece is clearly labelled as “Comment” as are all our (very few) comment pieces.
@ Richard Bentley: To make the placement of advertising conditional upon a “good editorial” is corrupt – on the part of the accepting medium as well as the advertising client. There are no ifs nor buts.
To both of you: We will continue our impeccable journalistic standards, to your benefit and that of our tens of thousands of readers (for example, 21,884 in the 30 days to September 3).
Erwin Chlanda, Editor

Ancient stories meet government silence in the Lands
@ Ruth Morley: I have removed “[just]” from the report and I am running the whole quote.
I accept Ms Morley’s explanation and apologise to Mr King and Mr Young.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

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