Amazing how kids survived in the 50s and 60s with …

Comment on Lifeguards needed to keep aquatic centre alive by kathy.

Amazing how kids survived in the 50s and 60s with only one or two lifeguards and their responsible parents, keeping an eye on them in the water.
Now we are taking the responsibility away for parents and kids, and blaming others for if anything happens in the pool.

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Let’s have an Australia Day when we are ready for it
Australia Day to me is the first landing of the Britsh setting foot on to Australian land.
A coming together of all people of Australia to celebrate how far we all have come, not a conquering of other people.
It is about time we all stopped living in the past and moved on.
Looking back will never change the past, it’s what we do in the future that matters.
Not blaming and not being responsible for that past, separates and decides our nation.

Story Wall, buffel and Jacinta
Even though the buffel grass is an introduced species it has fed many animals, not just cattle, and kept the sands and top soil over the land from blowing away.
Before the buffel grass was introduced, huge sand storms use to sweep the desert areas, including Alice Springs, as you can see in photos by professional photographers at that time.
The native plants do not grow with no water, so the buffel grass holds the soil and water so other plants, including the wild plants of the desert, can come to life after the rains.
Maybe not the best for all, but a desert and no growth is also not good for the land and this country.
People can go anywhere in the world to see deserts, but not Australia’s adjustable and cultured land mass.

Focus on the killing now, not 200 years ago
As you say, this was in our past. Not to be forgotten, but learned from. If we continue to grovel in the passed, both black and white, we will never move on.
We are all Australian, we should as a people and nation together, not them and us.
Until the government changes the policies to cover all as equal we will never move on.

National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
I agree with Ginnia plus the area around Anzac Oval is historical, with the Totom Theatre, the Old PreSchool, (50 + Centre) one of the first buildings built by local town residents, the Youth Centre and the oval.
Army tents were stationed here during the war. The area is named after the soldiers and the Anzac history is here at this place.
The oval is used continuously for all sorts of events, and so should remain so for all Alice Springs to continue to enjoy.
Do not destroy this place by building large centres on it, and ignoring the significance of this area.
Also parking would be even harder to find in this part of town.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
I bet these same thugs (because that is what they are) are destroying the cars in the Anzac carpark, where users of the 50+ Centre have to park their cars, until their park is completed.

Like Dale said on Q&A on Monday night, tough love is needed, not this poor bugger me attitude picking on me because of my race.

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