“All aspects of alcohol policy will be up for discussion.” Would …

Comment on Country Liberals ‘not ruling out’ a floor price for alcohol by Hal Duell.

“All aspects of alcohol policy will be up for discussion.”
Would this include the possibility of a day off, a day (Sundays would work) on which no take-away alcohol could be bought. Ayn Rand will be turning over in her grave, but, seriously, wouldn’t it be a treat to have a day off?
I have a neighbour, and I really like her. But she has visitors, and I don’t much like them. If there were one day a week on which they couldn’t buy grog, they just might bugger off back to where they came from. Bliss. Bugger off.
At the very least it would give us all – them too – a day off.
And then there’s this “cultural change within the Territory police force”. Any ideas of what that means? Anyone? I have read that the police are really over slopping up after drunks, and who can blame them! Is that a cultural change, or is it just an admission that they are really over slopping up after drunks?

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“I have no idea what the Member for Araluen is talking about …”
And that comment is true.

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“Every consultation we have done shows the CBD location is the preferred location, and that’s the only location that offers a sense of place and has the space to be able to do it.”
That comment is simply not true.

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This is beginning to feel like stalking. What part of “no” doesn’t this man understand?

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Once again it seems to be a case of our way or the highway.
When this location debate first came up, I was of the opinion that the Desert Park was the right choice. But then the traditional owners spoke up at the council meeting debating to MOU or not to MOU, and the TOs seemed to be united in wanting any gallery to be south of The Gap.
So what’s the problem?
If revitalising the CBD is truly the aim, build flats there, and build a skate park at the river end of Parsons Street, and make the area vibrant again.

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Any update from Alex Nelson on the heritage application for the Anzac site?

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