Maybe we all should look back at the past fifty …

Comment on ‘Chain gang’ or holiday gaol time: a crucial question for our parks by kathy.

Maybe we all should look back at the past fifty years, at the weather patterns and the land in this area.
There have always been floods, fires and drought in the Red Centre.
If there is no rain (water) no plants grow, not even the natives.
The couch at least keeps the top soil grounded as the September winds come through.
Native plants only flower after rain, not in the spring as most other areas do.
Cattle on the parks will help keep the couch short and less likely to cause bush fires.

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‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
Why is it so hard for the Government to realise that the Alice Springs people want their sacred site left as it is?
This site was the camping ground for the soldiers going up to Darwin in WW2 to protect Australia. The town’s people chose and built this this site for their local games every weekend: Rugby, cricket, the school athletic days, and many more that the people of Alice have already mentioned.
Plus the planning people have not considered many other features that happen on this sacred site.
The Totem Theatre, the Community Centre, both have been overlooked in the design of the area.
This is Alice Springs residents’ Sacred Site, so like other sacred sites please leave it well alone.

International flights to Alice would lower fares
Alice Springs should have been an international airport years ago.
It would cut down on noise and curfews in the cities, be a national airport to anywhere in Australia, and central to all states in Australia except of course Tasmania.

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
Get the bottle shops to hire their own security, or make buyers go inside the shop to purchase their goods.

Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
If we are only going to put a bandaid on the known problem why this is happening, why not close all drive through bottle shops in Alice Springs?
That way persons must enter the premises to get their service.

A good spot for the art gallery?
A pity the government does not stand up and say, “enough is enough”. But no, we pussy foot around and do not want to be called racist so we do nothing, but make excuses for these arseholes.
Young or not, this behaviour was once not tolerated, now it is.
Do not blame the police, as they do a terrific job with the resources, but if the courts left these arseholes out onto the street again, with a slap, they do the same thing again, and destroy someone else’s holiday or home or car.

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