Great work. Alison she is real and means business in …

Comment on Advancement in the bush: no more ‘one size fits all’, says Minister by Natalie Hunter.

Great work. Alison she is real and means business in addressing Aboriginal disadvantage and such reality comments on how to fix it. The Labor Party lacked knowledge on how to address the issues even though they knew the problems and heard the voices crying out for help. They created the intervention and neglected all areas of Aboriginal Affairs in the NT. This included Macklin herself. Give it to them Alison and keep up the good work.

Recent Comments by Natalie Hunter

The Great Alcohol Debate: Aboriginal Peak Organisations say ‘politicians are right, our people must decide’
It’s about the community addressing their issues by consultations in the community, done their way and then managed their way. The Peak Body needs to look at other alcohol plans that are working in various communities. Oenpelli is a prime example of good alcohol management and it is also very safe in the community for children and families. When we do see dry communities we have healthy, happy and safe lifestyles and the community is productive with no violence. We also need to clear that elders who run and manage communities are not just addressing their own needs to have heavy alcohol supplied in the community without any management plan in place this also includes a safe plan if violence break out. Good luck with self determination and self management, well done Alison she is listen9ng to the people, we all have equal right and say.

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