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re: An open LETTER to young Paddy Gibson, Sydney academic and saviour of blackfellas. Posted: October 8 2012 @ 6:46 am
Anyone who has been living the NT for a while, as has your correspondent Dave Price, knows that all politics is local and very personal.
In order to get things done, it comes down to not what you know but whom you know.
For some reason, young Paddy Gibson has got right under the skin of one Dave Price. I think this goes a little deeper than just a case of the outsider, Paddy, not asking old Pricey what he, Dave Price, thought of the views of Paddy and his mates.
I would urge all players to learn from the last few days of that Federal three ringed circus that is the other Australian Territory.
In Canberra, sadly and perhaps inevitably, the personal has triumphed, (in the short term), over policy. Jones is one of the big losers; Turnbull one of the winners.
To be sure, use the personal nature of the NT to network and achieve. We can all learn from Alan Jones. If one is as thin-skinned as that man, then one’s political self destruction is a sure thing indeed.
David Chewings aka THE lone dingo.

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