Racist, discriminatory, segregationist actions regularly present as “special measures”. Using race …

Comment on LETTER: Mills should chill on grog in bush communities by Paul Parker.

Racist, discriminatory, segregationist actions regularly present as “special measures”.
Using race as a measure IS racism, not “special measures”.
“Special measures” for people with specific injuries do not measure them by race rather by their injuries.
“Special measures” for people with criminal, negligent or dangerous behavior do not measure them by race rather by their behavior.
Treat people as individuals due their actions.
Address the individuals and their thinking which results in their behavior.
Treating people using racial filters is racist.
To acknowledge actions as discriminatory then argue it is lawful and appropriate as a special measure remains the apartheid and segregationist argument.
Commonwealth remains an active racist in Australia.
Many problems result from previous apartheid and segregationist attitudes allowed by the Commonwealth to occur.
Continuing the apartheid, segregationist approach continues the problems.
Commonwealth falsely claims Australians support their racist actions, repeatedly in hope we accept their racism.
Commonwealth ignores ongoing attempts at Federation, repeated in 1967, all to prevent Commonwealth and States / Territories qualifying Australian’s rights or responsibilities using race as their measure.
Most Australians regard a drunk as a drunk, regardless of race.

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Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
Re: Surprised! Posted March 15, 2018 at 8:36am: I admit am cynical about political meetings, so much spoken is rhetorical, open to various interpretations.
IF the Big Five (Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Congress, Tourism Central Australia, Arid Lands Environment Centre) do agree on specific changes, they should publish clearly what they expect, with specific call to Chief Minister and other politicians to issue publicly and clearly their responses.
The real benefit of written words is meaning of the words do not change so quickly.
Related to politics is reading (and thinking) being replaced by listening?

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
The Banned Drinker Register prohibits a person from the purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol.
It is an offence to supply persons on the Banned Drinker Register with alcohol.
It is an offence for a person to supply a person on the Banned Drinker Register with alcohol.
It is the responsibility of Licensees to ensure no person on the Banned Drinker Register obtain alcohols at their premises.
If police have evidence alcohol was supplied to banned persons at licensed premises, their superior should order the licensed premises immediately closed for remainder of the day.
When premises closed this way, everyone will be aware it may well happen again.
Behavior of most persons reflects perceived risk.
Being aware police likely to close premises shall encourage licensees, their staff, even customers, to ensure persons on the Banned Drinker Register avoid seeking alcohol there.

Man in a hurry, surrounded by people who were not
The Commonwealth needs amend the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) act to require “Traditional Owners” to issue conventional, rational, and affordable leases for all their existing and proposed buildings or projects.
Until this happens their extortionate behavior shall continue to block improvements upon their land.
They control the land, they are responsible for failure to achieve upon their own land.
These wealthy corporate groups need be accountable same as other land-owners, or expect their obstruction to continue.
Absence of reasonable leases discourages banks and others from investing.
Why do public moneys fund these corporate land-owners holding wealth enough to improve things with their own money?
Why do Commonwealth Ministers give such large amounts of public moneys for these large areas of privately owned land ?
While Commonwealth racism props them up they ensure little will change.

Government lied on liquor, says Lambley, demands poll
When polled on proposals to vary time between election(s) be sure to complain IF yearly is not an option.

Alcohol reform: the ins and outs
Re: Chris Posted March 1, 2018 at 12:38 pm
Chris writes: “Why not automatically put everyone on the BDR who resides in a dry community.”
Like most ideas, what’s missing is full consideration of the practical wide range of circumstances.
Prohibition creates a market for illicit alcohol, then makes everyone an illegal consumer.
The USA tried the prohibition approach, banning everyone from drinking alcohol, including those not creating problems. Was that really a success?
Will everyone living in an (often by name only) dry community be banned from consuming alcohol elsewhere within the NT when they leave that community ?
Will visitors to dry communities not on the Banned Drinker Register be permitted take alcohol to a dry community ?

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