Hi Kieran Re NILF statistics – I refer you …

Comment on NT needs someone to ‘call things honestly’ says Havnen … by Olga Havnen.

Hi Kieran

Re NILF statistics – I refer you to page 175 of my report where this is disucssed and I quote ABS census data for 1991, 1996, and 2001 census.
I also refer to work done by Professor John Taylor on Wadeye demographic trends which indicate that the NILF rates has barely changed over time – 2003 56.8% of men of working age were reported as ‘not in the labour force’ and in 2009 it was 54.2%.
I am happy to stand corrected if my understanding and interpretation of this data is incorrect.
Olga Havnen

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NT needs someone to ‘call things honestly’ says Havnen …
NILF – “not in the labour force”, not employed, not registered with Centrelink as “looking for work” then it would seem to suggest that people do not receive an income.
I’m not sure where people classified as NILF might receive money from other than from people who do receive income support from Centrelink or from those who are employed and earning an income.
Perhaps Centrelink might shed some light on this e.g. how many people receive Centrelink payments in a community, how many people are employed and measure this against the total adult population?
Clearly this issue warrants further investigation – is the figure of 49% – 50%+ NILF for Aboriginal men of working age accurate? If so, then why is this the situation? What are are the underlying reasons for this and what are the consequences for the individuals, their families and households?
Olga Havnen

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