My money is also on the money. The Arctic sea …

Comment on Alice asked to adopt ‘community water rules’ by Hal Duell.

My money is also on the money.
The Arctic sea ice is melting due in part, and quite possibly in large part, to mankind’s use of hydrocarbons. And with the disappearance of that ice, vast new fields of hydrocarbons have been exposed to the extraction industries. Those extraction industries are now falling over themselves in the race to stake their claims.
We will use those new flows of hydrocarbons in the world’s energy grid, both because we can, and because not one of us wants to turn the lights out.
In the 21st Century, this passes for intelligence.
A bit like here in Alice where not one of us wants to turn our water off. So we’ll drill deeper for our supply, and continue to water our lawns in the summer sun.
Fancy anyone telling us not to. Or even suggesting it. The cheek of it. Bloody shushers. And they are being funded by our hard-earned taxes.
Next they’ll suggest we spend even more of our taxes to buy solar panes from China! Because we no longer make our own.
Why, oh why, can’t things be like they used to be. All this thinking – it’s giving me a headache. I can’t cope. Maybe I’ll go water the lawn. Take a Bex. Have a lie-down.
Enviro-Nazis. Don’t they just give you the shits!

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National Indigenous Gallery advisors: ‘Release full report’
I hope the NT government pays particular attention to the tips from David Walsh, the creator of MONA. After the Salamanca market, MONA is the most visited tourist destination in Tasmania.
Some people fly in from Melbourne, visit the museum and catch a return flight in the evening. Buses are available to and from the airport for this.
For a more leisurely visit, a high speed ferry to and from the Hobart waterfront adds enhanced value.
For my own part, I recently flew to Hobart for a three day visit, two of them spent in MONA. It was worth every minute and every cent spent.
And pay special attention to his advice to put the art first. This project must not be watered down to include other aims like revitalising the CBD. It will only become all it can be by being a stand-alone effort.
Obviously this project will cost, and cost lots. But if we try to do it on the cheap, cheap will be what we get.

Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
And again, and again, and again.
“Naughty” children – my ass.
Slowly the veneer of civilisation slips away. We live in a third world town.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
@ Concerned Arrernte, Posted March 16, 2018 at 10:01 pm
Nah, nothing confusing there man? Woman?
You mentioned an elephant in a room. I thought it looked a bit lonely, poor bugger, so I added a few more. More better now, not lonely, no shreds. Like that.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
@ Concerned Arrernte, Posted March 14, 2018 at 8:16 pm:
Given the state of Alice Springs today, or perhaps better yet, tonight, in which rampaging children are holding the town hostage and councillors feel the need of a protective escort when walking between the council car park and the council chambers; given that after how many years of CLC control there is still no enterprise out on the homelands, simply sit-down money from welfare and mining royalties; given the increase in alcohol abuse leading to family abuse leading to child abuse; given the distracting substitution of bromides such as Australia Day and flags on a hill for anything more substantive; given the observable truth that successive NT governments have demonstrated zero ability to address these issues in a manner leading to a change for the better; given just those more obvious elephants in the room, I think it is well past time for everyone, not just Cr. Price, to be showing anger.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
Here’s a question: Is there another local jurisdiction in Australia in which the councillors / aldermen feel the need to ask for protective escorts when walking to and from council meetings?
Just how vicious a little town have we become?
Are we still capable of self-government, at least to the extent that the Alice Springs Town Council represents local self-government?
I hope the answer is yes, because if it isn’t, the power stepping in will be Darwin, and if that comes to pass we will be well and truly phucked.

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