The casino’s application in March 2011 was to extend trading …

Comment on Mood change in council on grog issues? by Kieran Finnane.

The casino’s application in March 2011 was to extend trading by one hour on Friday and Saturday nights, from 3am closing to 4am closing. The NTG’s Licensing and Regulation sought council’s views. Council officers recommended that aldermen not object as the extended hours were not seen as adversely affecting the amenity of the neighbourhood nor the “health, education, public safety or social conditions in the community”. This reasoning seems to have been accepted by the majority. The minutes do not record any dissent. Our report on the issue, dated April 14, 2011, shows that the application “was enthusiastically supported by Aldermen Samih Habib, Murray Stewart and Eli Melky”. Mayor Ryan on this occasion was more concerned about the casino’s plans to increase the number of poker machines at the venue and “stressed his frustration that council is asked for its views on liquor issues but not on gambling, which he thinks does present a real concern for the town”.

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Satour & Price seeking legal advice in Code of Conduct saga
@John Bell, the committee is formed under the Local Government Act and is auspiced by the NT Department of Housing and Community Development. It is not a council committee. Your comments about lack of transparency are otherwise spot on.

How much of our relationship with Aborigines is hypocrisy?
I haven’t seen the display at the Maritime Museum but I can imagine why a dugout canoe would be part of such a display if it is presenting an overview of Australian maritime history, for Indigenous watercraft were Australia’s original boats and Indigenous people, the first Australian seafarers.

I see from the museum’s website that it has a substantial collection of Indigenous watercraft (46 objects), as part of its Australian Register of Historic Vessels, which strives to be “the definitive online registry of historic vessels in Australia”. Inclusion of Indigenous watercraft is thus essential.

Stagnant CBD; industrial land, rental shortage; houses hold
@ Kylie Johnston. With respect, this is not a ‘media conversation’ but a report from a Town Council meeting open to the public.
Perhaps you will want to take up your concerns with Cr Auricht and Mr Doyle, whose comments are accurately reported.
Kind regards, Kieran Finnane.

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
@ Alex Nelson. Councillor Paterson is mistaken. I have checked the audio of the meeting: he was clearly nominated by Cr Cocking and Cr de Brenni seconded the nomination.

To die for country
@ John Bell: Dr Nelson’s message about equality is clearly expressed in his words that I have cited, about Australians all being “equal – irrespective of politics, race or religion”.
On reflection, his meaning when he said “they denied their Aboriginality to fight and die for the young nation”, is likely referring to those who enlisted either having found a way around their exclusion from the armed forces on the basis of their race, or having had their Aboriginal descent overlooked. “Denied their Aboriginality” seems to me an unfortunate choice of words to cover these circumstances.
Readers may be interested in further details on this topic in an article on the War Memorial’s site:

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