I am also mostly in agreement with Hal Duell (Posted …

Comment on Back to the drawing board on pedestrian crossings in Alice CBD by Bob Taylor.

I am also mostly in agreement with Hal Duell (Posted October 30, 2012 at 4:05 pm) but with two exceptions.

(1) The addition of a fenced island herding pedestrians crossing Bath Street to the two main thoroughfares (Coles Complex entry / exit point and the Yeperenye Centre exit / entry point).

These two thoroughfares are not positioned opposite each other so the fenced island will need to take the form of a narrow rectangle with openings facing each complex, so for example when you leave the Yeperenye Centre you cross to the island, turn left, walk to the point where you face the Cole Complex thoroughfare and cross when safe to do so.

This will also give a relatively safe haven for pedestrians to wait until safe to cross in either direction. If necessary the island may need to be widened to facilitate more waiting space and the safe passage of the crossing pedestrians.

(2) Hartley Street is a little more problematic as you can go left or right when you exit the Yeperenye Complex. It would appear that most people go left to access the point where they can cross the road to access the pathway to Todd Mall or a point further north where you can cross to the post office. People going right or south can cross the road here, but two crossing points so close together is not an ideal situation. Again fencing and/or herding of pedestrians to one crossing point might be an option.

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