I am also mostly in agreement with Hal Duell (Posted …

Comment on Back to the drawing board on pedestrian crossings in Alice CBD by Bob Taylor.

I am also mostly in agreement with Hal Duell (Posted October 30, 2012 at 4:05 pm) but with two exceptions.

(1) The addition of a fenced island herding pedestrians crossing Bath Street to the two main thoroughfares (Coles Complex entry / exit point and the Yeperenye Centre exit / entry point).

These two thoroughfares are not positioned opposite each other so the fenced island will need to take the form of a narrow rectangle with openings facing each complex, so for example when you leave the Yeperenye Centre you cross to the island, turn left, walk to the point where you face the Cole Complex thoroughfare and cross when safe to do so.

This will also give a relatively safe haven for pedestrians to wait until safe to cross in either direction. If necessary the island may need to be widened to facilitate more waiting space and the safe passage of the crossing pedestrians.

(2) Hartley Street is a little more problematic as you can go left or right when you exit the Yeperenye Complex. It would appear that most people go left to access the point where they can cross the road to access the pathway to Todd Mall or a point further north where you can cross to the post office. People going right or south can cross the road here, but two crossing points so close together is not an ideal situation. Again fencing and/or herding of pedestrians to one crossing point might be an option.

Recent Comments by Bob Taylor

Too hot? Try laying bricks.
Good on you boys, a tough way to earn a dollar, but someone has got to do it. Hope they have plenty of sunscreen on to protect themselves from the sun’s direct rays and the indirect rays off the blocks. It took me a while, but as a lot of people did, I laid all the blocks on our family home in the late 1970’s, in my spare time after working five and half days a week for Barlclay Bros and then Sitzler Bros.

Getting screwed
Hal: Are America, Australia or the whole world getting screwed?
Before we all get screwed or whatever, Happy New Year, everyone.

New attraction while we can’t look after the ones we have?
A timely comment Alex. Let us hope the powers that be and the general community are paying attention.
Thank you for your insightful comments throughout the year.
Happy New Year for 2018, Alex.

Recommendations in for National Indigenous Art Gallery site
If they / we are looking for a MONA effect and an outcome that the whole world will want to come and see, the following may be required as a minimum:
A David Walsh type person with a vision, passion and skills necessary to drive this major project. Retain ANZAC Oval and the rugby facilities, so there is a green buffer between the proposed National Indigenous Art Gallery and the CBD.
Purchase the RSL property and together with the high school site, build something grand with a sweeping northeasterly aspect into, around and backing onto ANZAC Hill appropriate to any needs of the traditional owners of the hill.
Place the main entrance and vehicle access on Schwarz Crescent with an improved foot / cycle pathway system linking into the CBD on either side of ANZAC Oval. Just another comment to keep the ideas flowing.

On youth prisons: grandmothers, reformers, revolutionaries
On the subject of grandmothers and their potential for a positive influence on children’s lives I recommend the reading of the “Hillbilly Elegy” by J. D. Vance and the comments on the book by Greg Sheridan in the Weekend Australian July 22/23 2017.
As Greg says: “The real hero of the book is his grandmother,” although an American (USA) author and a story set in America about poor white working class people, the outcomes of the author could be achieved by an Australian child with the help of a caring grandmother.

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