My own observations on this matter confirm what Mayor Damien …

Comment on The Great Alcohol Debate: Council rangers work ‘more difficult’ since scrapping of BDR, says Mayor by Alex Nelson.

My own observations on this matter confirm what Mayor Damien Ryan said, and contradicts Councillor Steve Brown’s original comment. I noticed an immediate upsurge in the quantity of alcohol-related rubbish following the suspension of the Banned Drinkers’ Register. The access to my residence is in a laneway between the Eastside IGA at one end and the Todd River at the other, with the Todd Tavern in the near vicinity.
The number of cheap wine bottles, whole and broken, that were discarded in that laneway and along or in the Todd River (which I cross at least daily) increased dramatically in the first week of the BDR suspension. It’s very clear there was a sale of cheap wine that coincided (?) with the NT Government’s decision.
Also noticeable was the number of single-use white plastic bags discarded in the laneway, these were used for the sale of liquor. I collected a large number of them and am currently using them for my own rubbish disposal.
The past can return to haunt us in many ways.
A good example is in regard to the now dismantled Banned Drinkers’ Register, as quoted below: “David Koch, an alderman and former publican of the Todd Tavern, claims the recommendations in the report make licensees responsible for the irresponsible behaviour of a small minority.
“The report, commissioned by the Alcohol Reference Group, recommends licensees label their casks so police can track the point of sale of any alcohol which has led to anti-social behaviour”.
Mr Koch rejected this idea and suggested an alternative approach for troublesome drinkers: “The solution is simple.
“They could be identified and banned from buying alcohol” (Koch claims grog report ‘outrageous’, Centralian Advocate, February 2, 1999).
Mr Koch was also a prominent member of the CLP in Alice Springs, including being a branch chairman.

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Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
@ Alex Hope (Posted August 15, 2018 at 11:43 am): You may not be aware just how true is your remark “party politics have always been a part of the town council.”
Here is the slogan for one candidate in the first town council by-election (for two vacancies) for March 24, 1973: “THIS IS YOUR … ALP CANDIDATE IN SATURDAY’S COUNCIL ELECTION. VOTE 1 HADDON, D.J.”
As it turned out, Dennis Haddon came third in the poll on that occasion; however, when Alderman Paul Everingham resigned from the town council in early July 1973, instead of going to another by-election it was decided to appoint Dennis Haddon to replace him.
Anybody who knows the history of Territory politics will appreciate the irony – but wait, there’s more: When Paul Everingham stood as a candidate for the first town council election campaign in June 1971, his election advertisements were authorised by “Peter Edward John Gunner, Stuart Highway, Alice Springs”. Yes, it was current CM Michael Gunner’s grandfather.

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
Councillor Matt Paterson was nominated by Jamie de Brenni for the position of Deputy Mayor, which was seconded by Jimmy Cocking. Matt Patterson has stated this on ABC radio.

Indigenous gallery: Show me the money!
Hmm, whatever happened to the notion of RESPONSIBLE self-government?
Seems like we’re running off the rails. Federal intervention again, perhaps?

Beer and the tax man’s triple tipple
@ Russell Guy (Posted August 13, 2018 at 9:45 am): Your comparison of the current regime in the NT and the former Soviet Union is noted, comrade.

No ‘comprehensive business case’ yet for gallery
@ Alex Hope (Posted August 11, 2018 at 11:01 am): You have summarised perfectly the situation as regards both the National Indigenous Art Gallery and the standard of government in the NT generally.
And it is not just the NT Government that is looking incredibly foolish on the subject of the NIAG but also a range of business groups, sporting bodies and some media that have become ensnared in this trap of their own making.
It is two years this month since the Gunner Government was swept into power, when voters took the opportunity with a vengeance to wipe the slate clean of the previous disastrous CLP regime.
Who remembers the new CM, hand on heart earnestly declaring a new and better standard of government for all Territorians?
Clearly – yet again – voters across the NT have been betrayed.
Adjectives that immediately spring to my mind to describe the current government are: Incompetent, deceitful, dishonest, bumbling, unprofessional, amateur, insincere, devious, underhand, and – worst of all – hypocritical.
And that’s just being polite!

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