I’m speechless. There is nothing in her speech I …

Comment on Indigenous adults must ‘grow up’ so that Indigenous children can depend on them, says Alison Anderson by Peter.

I’m speechless. There is nothing in her speech I don’t fully agree with. I have followed Alison Anderson over the years and I must admit I had my doubts about her. On many occasions my views differed somehow from hers but not this time. For the first time I have some hope that things can actually change. I vividly remember a conversation with an older (white) lady many years ago who was working at Hermannsburg at the time. I asked her: If I would be in a position of influence what are the three most important things you would want to change that would improve the dire situation of indigenous people? Her answers: Stop the dependency on welfare – make decisions based on facts and not rhetoric and spend the most money on education, education, education. I hear similar comments from Alison now. Let’s hope enough people are listening to make a change.

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Fracking moratorium needed: Alliance
Let’s hope that all the signs we see in the US in regards to fracking are right – this industry is doomed.
They may pray that the oil price is going to recover but the signs are not that good.
The costs are going to be the real killer.
If it’s economically unsustainable it would even make less sense than it already does.
Let’s hope we don’t have to go on the streets to prevent this nonsense industry take place in our region.

Grog sellers liable, drinkers need permits: summit demands
The idea of a license to buy take away liquor has been proposed already over 10 years ago and deserves some serious consideration. The notion that the purchasing of liquor is a privilege and not a right does not discriminate against anyone if basic rules are implemented. If your consumption of liquor gets you in trouble with the law, you have been violent, intoxicated in public or supplied grog illegally in the past or you’re on the dole you should not be in the possession of a license to buy alcohol.
As for the enforcement of existing laws in regards to liquor outlets – it’s simply a disgrace. A few businesses make a killing selling it, flaunting the law on a daily base with the authorities mainly turning a blind eye and a vast majority pays for the inevitable consequences from it.
The purchasing and consumption of alcohol should be legal to any adult (over 21 in my opinion)as long as they contribute to society (taxpayers and the like)and they do not cause harm or nuisance to themselves, family or the public (and the public’s purse).
Banning the sponsorship and advertising of alcohol should be a no-brainer. The harm done by it far out-weighs the benefits in costs to the public. What an absolute oxymoron – the alcohol and sport “partnership”. We all know that we Aussies love a drink or two. But we also know (or should know at least) how much of our tax payers’ money it burns up to deal with the the consequences of it. But let’s not be kidding. Show me the politician with the balls to push that agenda with a “Coldie” in his hand and the donations from the liquor industry in his pockets! So we’ll keep complaining about the crimes and associated cost to the public and proudly point to our rights to drink and blame the individual drunk and be part of the problem and not the solution. Cheers to that!

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