Two items are close to my heart by these comments, …

Comment on COMMENT: Does Tourism Central Australia still have a pulse? by Kathy.

Two items are close to my heart by these comments, first I am a B&B owner and my prices all year around have been the same for the last four years. We had special discount prices for masters Games groups, so we took the opposite approach and encouraged visitors.
Secondly, Alice Springs was and still is, to some extent, a close community. Most events, sporting, Christmas, school, scouts events etc were always supported by the people, parents, and local businesses.
The community does appreciate the grants that the government have, but the locals still ran the events.
Now the government is taking over the running of the Games and so many of the local businesses are missing out. And the new staffing every two years in the office, seem to re-invent the wheel and this is very frustrating to the old hands, knowing what now works and what does not.
Bring it back to the people.

Recent Comments by Kathy

National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud
Why is no one listening to the people of Alice Springs? Selective hearing or cannot read the writing on the wall?
We have two terrific sites that already accommodate Aboriginal Art, why have a third?
Plus the NT Government cannot pay for the opening and full use of Darwin’s new hospital. Put the money to this better use and let all Territorians share this money that the government seem to allocate for the art gallery.

Council poll says ‘no’ to gallery at Anzac Oval
Why are not the pollies and their so-called public servants reading what the people of Alice Springs are answering in the polls?
Which is Yes, to the Gallery but NO to the Anzac Oval site.
How can this government even think of all this money for the art centre when they cannot fund the brand new hospital in Darwin?

Coniston Massacre remembered
Besides being a tragic event for both parties in the attack of the white settlers and the fight with the Aborigines, all is part of the past, not a blame game for the future generations as this is being made into and publicised.
No one was in the right and we should learn from the past mistakes and move on, not wallow in the past.

Girl taken to hospital after bashing at Yirara College
With staff not allowed to discipline students or set guidelines in behaviour of the students, students can do anything and the teachers’ hands are tied.
If students can disobey and treat staff as their servants, nothing will change.
Look at the pampering that goes on with these students who know the rules and still misbehave.
What are you teaching them in respect?

ANZAC Oval art gallery good for Mall traders: Chamber
Big ideas but short term results.
The Todd Mall is dead and with the online buying and the cost of rent in the Mall, I cannot see traders flocking to the Mall unless the government has sweet talked big companies with money to open their business here.

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