Isn’t Cr Melky being a bit hypocritical, is he not …

Comment on Cr Melky stands by price gouging comments, TCA lobby disagrees by Scott Alexander.

Isn’t Cr Melky being a bit hypocritical, is he not in a similar business, being real estate? Real estate prices are based on supply and demand, aren’t they, similar to what the hotels are doing? How is this different?

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Diversity loses in ballot for Deputy Mayor
What a shame they have put their party before the town. Cr Kudrenko has experience and has proven herself and her dedication to the town. Deputy Mayor elect de Brenni may very well turn out to be an excellent representative on council and serve four terms, however so far he is unproven and extremely new to the role.
The only thing he has done is use party affiliations to push aside a young up and coming leader. I wonder if de Brenni or his cohorts needed their car engine rebuilt, would they get the qualified mechanic to do it or the kid with two weeks’ work experience?
When interviewed on 27/09/2015 Jamie answered the following (
1: Which of the sitting councillors would you be most comfortable dealing with?
de BRENNI: “All of them. When it comes to this town, that is my priority. It is a democratic system. You need five of nine votes to get a decision.”
2: Should there be party politics in council?
de BRENNI: “No”
Should the answers have been
1: My CLP mates, the CLP is my priority. The CLP has five councillors, everyone else can go home, we only need five votes to do as we please. This is a false democracy.
2: Yes, especially when its CLP politics.
I believe that politics should play a part in our council, just a more open and honest form. You can’t stop a person from thinking how they think and most people lean one way or the other, it would be nice if they were honest and transparent with their party affiliations and were not too scared or arrogant to put the town ahead of the party line.

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