Gees Alex, talking about ill mannered outbursts lacking in facts. …

Comment on LETTER: Water debate 21 years ago – similar in substance, but not in tone by Steve Brown.

Gees Alex, talking about ill mannered outbursts lacking in facts. It may not seem like it Alex, but time really is going by! Yes there can appear to be some similarity in events for those caught up in contemplating the past, naval gazing, blissfully unaware of today’s events happening around them. The events may appear to be similar but they really are quite different. The restrictions that were being discussed at that time you mention were in play because this was the time when we “were running out of water”! From the town basin!
We were still in the process of developing the Mereenie borefield and the connecting pipeline. So at that time Alex we really were nearly out of water! As opposed to this occasion when there is enormous quantities of water available!
Yet restrictions are being talked about because of a few behind the scenes agendas one being the blow-in enviro Nazi mindset of which I have spoken, possibly being skilfully played by a bureaucracy intent on holding back the development of our town, in order to make today’s bottom line look better!
Regardless of the consequences for our future in amenity, employment, affordability, in short, there are consequences across the board if these agendas are allowed to proceed unhindered. My commonsense approach Dave is not to have restrictions unless they are actually needed, but certainly to take a hard look at what is going on behind the scenes so that we as a community can reach our own conclusions!
Make our own decisions about where we are going. My family and I have held a long association with the development of our water supply; we were apprised of much of the input into the Water Strategy and as such are very well aware of both the science and the lack of science that went into its make-up.
Alice Water Strategy was released a few years ago, Alice News and myself commented on it at the time. Let’s keep in mind that strategy, upon which I commented at the time, was to constricting and short-sighted, even so still allowed that we had hundreds of years of water even without recharge. And that it would support a lot larger town as well as a large agricultural precinct!
Given that the town has hardly grown in the past few years, and given that we haven’t even started to set up a large agricultural precinct, and that the strategy was only released a few years ago, don’t you think we should be asking “What’s Changed”? Rather than sitting by while those who simply don’t care make decisions about our town’s future for you! The same people who have been in charge of our town’s disastrous neglect all along! For a town that exists now to a large extent on welfare that agricultural precinct offered huge opportunities in employment in horticulture, bush foods and particularly the cut flower market it offered hope dignity affordability all the things that we need to put this town “Back on its Feet”! As a “Free Enterprise Town”! Where the word “Welfare is seldom heard”!
“Yeh”, and a few final comments, the word ENVIRONAZI describes perfectly, fanatics who regard the wants, needs and lives of human beings as secondary to their own agendas of personally saving the world even though they know absolutely nothing about it, they just know that everybody else is the enemy. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Nazis of Germany! Attempts to make it appear so are pathetic, also a clear demonstration by those involved in this criticism of their selfish irresponsibility in upholding freedom of speech within our nation the very thing that protects them from those kinds of regimes – something worth reflecting on “Heh”? I also quite clearly labelled it a mentality! One that is understood and recognised across this nation and is referred to in articles in all kinds of media every day.
So no apology as I never intended and did not associate it with any individual. If some Individual feels that I am describing them perhaps they should take the time to take a long hard look at themselves and their contribution to our society.
I am not overbearing Alex I am quite simply completely intolerant of blind stupidity!
More add-ons, I along with half the town were once employed by Herman Weber. Bloody good bloke but I don’t recall him being all that backward in coming forward Alex!
But to the best of my knowledge he joined the CLP a little later on after its foundation by the likes of my dad, Jim Brown, my uncle, Bernie Kilgariff, Len Kittle, Damien Miller, Tony Greatorex, Roger Vale, probably a few more but not Mr Weber.

Steve Brown Also Commented

LETTER: Water debate 21 years ago – similar in substance, but not in tone
Another peculiar comment Alex, do you ever have a thought of your own or do you get everything you know from old news papers, I wonder.
And of course what a wonderful source of information, because obviously whatever is written in them has to be true, doesn’t it, just like all that stuff we see on TV.
However just a polite suggestion read more than just the headlines if you had you may have come up with the fact that we were short of water because Mereenie wasn’t fully online at that time, just like I said.
I know because I was there and involved at the time and I talk to others who were also involved at the time and guess what Alex, now that I’ve written this in a newspaper it’s also true and of course if you read your own comment so is that!
Gees its all so confusing. Can anyone out there imagine someone in twenty years’ time researching something about 2012 by reading the Centralian Advocate headlines of the past 12 months? What an amazing story they’d come up with, and all true!
Alex you have to learn the lessons of history as you go through life, you have to carry those lessons with you put those lessons to work in practical ways, sitting musing upon how similar everything is 20 years after the event will almost certainly see history repeat itself. You actually have to do something, in order to break the cycle! Alex, you are trapped in Ground Hog Day!

LETTER: Water debate 21 years ago – similar in substance, but not in tone
The Development at white Gums was put on hold by Delia Lawrie Minister for Lands at the time, for purely political reasons. The excuse, Alice Springs Quote, “Doesn’t have enough infrastructure to support it.” Yes another blatant political excuse for further stifling growth in Alice to justify the ongoing neglect of our region.
“Yep another wonderful contribution to The Centre from Labor Hey Bob? The project was put on hold for review by Government, “In 18 months,” Delia said. A review which of course was never undertaken.
Bob’s comment tries to make it appear as if there was something a bit crook about this project which by the way was worth some 150 million dollars to the Alice Springs economy.
Just imagine what a difference that would make right now! Of course there were questions raised, advice given, experts called in. There was a very rigorous process that had to be gone through before this project could be approved. Fortunately, all those involved including Planning were both enthusiastic and helpful, well knowing the advantages the project had both for our economy and in creating more lifestyle choices for Alicespringsites.
Between all of us the questions that had to be asked were answered, the project receiving huge support and was for all practical purposes under way until Delia stopped it!
Bob, you might be interested to know that apart from the obvious questions about sewage disposal for the project one of the questions that had to be answered was about drainage, both surface and subsurface water.
The below ground drainage question had to be answered specifically in relation to being a possible pollutant to the “Mereenie Recharge Water”.
A recharge that our water activists and certain government owned enterprises are trying to allude doesn’t happen!
Bit odd that, don’t you think? Our experts were easily able to assure government that there was no risk in this manner from our project as the underground drainage of the White Gums Illparpa Valley is actually east along the ranges, hence the project was able to receive the OK.
During discussions about possible pollution of the Mereenie water supply by our project we felt entitled to ask why if the White Gums project was a threat, why wasn’t draining the entire town’s sewage directly over the top of Mereenie? We were rather gruffly assured it wasn’t because Mereenie is mined water and there is no recharge. Yet at the same time the drag strip just across the way was held up for an indefinite period by the same department because of a fear of pollution!
Seems like Labor was bound and determined to do whatever it took to stifle our town, Bob. By the way don’t you have some involvement with Labor, Bob? But to answer your question about the ongoing White Gums Project I recently spoke to my dad, Jim Brown, who owns the land in question about reinstating the project, but sadly for Alice Springs it now appears likely that this project will never come to fruition as he is reviewing his intentions for this land.
Yet another tragic loss for the Alice Springs economy at the hands of Labor!
Rather curious how questions and answers around Mereenie all seem to arrive at a point that doesn’t require any further investment, don’t you think?
And how come that if oil can filter down through the soil and rocks to pollute Mereenie, that water can’t do the same thing to recharge it? Just curious.

Recent Comments by Steve Brown

1 Territory too fixed on opposition to fracking: Lambley
Unfortunately for us Territorians Terry and Robyn don’t represent answers, a way forward for Territorians.
They do in fact represent the leftovers of the failed Mills / Giles Government who escaped the judgement of the people by jumping ship, turning their backs on their own Government, distancing themselves from the infighting, claiming victim hood, bla bla bla, while in fact they themselves were amongst the very worst worst offenders!
Examples: The massive 30% jump in energy prices completely.
Another Mills infliction is the Last Resort Home Insurance Scheme which has just about destroyed the Home Building Industry.
The withdrawal of nearly all youth funding and putting nothing back in the desperately needed space. Bad decisions like these didn’t come from CLP policy! They came from Terry and Robyn.
Now, instead of making themselves useful holding government to account as independents, they attack the CLP opposition, of two!
Why? Not because they are looking after the interests of Territorians, that’s for certain.
It’s because they envy the extra funding that goes to the Opposition – their argument, so that they “can be more effective”!
How’s that? By replacing a party Opposition of Two, with two sworn independents.
Yeh, but they’re willing to forgo the independent stuff to form another, perfectly believable party so they can!
Looks like the ego driven infighting that destroyed our last government; looks like the rats that jumped overboard found each other and surprise, surprise, the resulting interaction produces exactly the same outcome!
The last thing the Territory needs is another party headed by a megalomaniac intent on personal glory!
The last CLP government wasn’t ripped apart because people disagreed about direction. It was ripped apart by egotistical wankers who believe they should be leaders!
A huge amount of the damage done to the party was by one Terry Millis attempting to hold on to, then to regain his leadership without the slightest regard for the damage done to the lives of Territorians in the process.

Voice to Parliament: Scandinavia can do it, why not Australia?
Excuse me for asking what might appear to be an absurd question, but where in the hell do you suppose everybody else on earth, who isn’t identified as being a first people, come from?
Further: Given that our DNA clearly demonstrates we are all related and interrelated many times over how is it possible for any of us to be more first than another, and just how far back do you trace a claim to be first, in some particular place?
We know with absolute certainty that those claiming to be first locally have replaced others who clearly would have thought they were first, well except for the one they replaced, and so on and on it goes … making the whole concept of first peoples another tragic joke in the history of struggle for equality.
It results in further isolation, greater community division, and will tragically overtime worsen outcomes for those isolated.
I believe the “First Peoples” concept is in reality just another backwards paternalistic step part of a tragic community illness called Apartheid.
So the question must be asked, why would the United Nations after setting out the case for equality of all human beings then set about arguing a case for some to be more equal than others, judgement made on the basis of their race?
Unless the true intent of the UN is to create division, for that most certainly will be the outcome.

Code of conduct allegations ‘vexatious, frivolous’ – councillor
@ Eli: Was that meant to be a clever political barb? LOL, you missed the mark by just a bit. I chose not to run for council, no regrets, and I have no ego driven feelings of political relevance one way or another.
What motivates me is anger! Anger at the sheer bloody mayhem, dysfunction and loss of opportunity that has become the norm in the Territory, brought about by the quality of people we have been electing to fulfil the very responsible roles of guiding the Territory’s future.
Instead of electing calm, mature candidates with a level of local knowledge and practical commonsense knowhow, we, and at council level, a corrupted system, have tended to elect personalities, based on their media profiles [and] very little local knowledge and often motivated not so much by the needs of Territorians as by career interests and in some cases utterly shameless self promotion.
Recently you and Jimmy [Cocking] have been tearfully suggesting foul play, that you are victims, being shut down and silenced. Yet you won’t speak publicly to back up those statements. Why Not?
You have been charged while acting in a role that is owned by the public.
They are entitled to an explanation!
There is no legal reason why you cannot do so! If you believe the public’s interests are being impinged it is “in the public interest” to have a full explanation.
So, from where I sit, Eli, it appears you won’t go there because open disclosure may not support your publicly declared statements about bullying, victimhood and a denial of free speech.

Code of conduct allegations ‘vexatious, frivolous’ – councillor
I had no intention of wasting precious energy on old ground but since you went there Eli, I will too.
However what I am not going to waste my time trying to explain to you or your mate who posted earlier why the electoral system is undemocratic.
You sat through the same lectures I did on the subject if you’d listened you would already understand.
To the code of conduct stuff, Jimmy made a complaint via a letter to council asking that I be charged for a breech of the code.
I was summoned by the CEO just like yourself Eli, in that meeting.
I informed the CEO that I did not recognise the Code of Conduct, that I would not apologise to Jimmy for calling him and Enviro Nazi in an comment to the Alice Springs News Online because the term was in general usage at the time. It still is, and I thought it applicable to Jimmy’s politics. I still do, and further that I thought the Code was undemocratic and a threat to free speech.
I assured the CEO that I would challenge it all the way to the top and that I was perfectly willing to face the local government authority to do so, and that in fact I was looking forward to the opportunity having received support for challenging the Code of conduct all the way to the top of the NT Government at the time, because they also saw it as an attempt to hinder my right to free speech.
The CEO informed me that he would take it to open council.
I did not object as I was more than happy to face the music, in the full glare of the public’s gaze. It was put to council. I restated my case and that I would not apologise to council [which] including yourself, Eli, chose not to further the complaint.
More’s the pity.
I would have enjoyed the fight because that what it would have been, because Eli, I was unafraid of defending my actions in public and I was most certainly prepared to resign from council as a matter of principle over the issue.
The question remains, how come you and Jimmy haven’t done the same?
Could it be that the charges laid against you might give the public a little more understanding of just who the bully in the pack is?
That’s how it looks from my point of view.
Come on Eli, fess up, let’s deal with this story in the open!

Black money
Good article Ed and very good comment Evelyne, something that every Territorian should read and pay heed to, particularly our Government institutions and NGOs.
For presently we are the home of institutionalised Paternalistic Apartheid which in its condescending manner denies the right of individuality to its citizens of Aboriginal origins and penalises the rights of those who are not.
It is a deliberate and ongoing act of separation by race. Attempting to deliver different levels of service, law, protection and health all on the basis of that race. Sanctimoniously claiming the high morale ground, outwardly exuding care and compassion, while in reality simply justifying the division in order to protect the status quo, guarding against any potential threat to long established funding streams which feed that vast parasitic industry of apartheid, which has grown up around the divide!

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