I am appalled how the government pussyfoots around the so …

Comment on 250 public dwellings would cost $100,000 each to fix up by Kathy.

I am appalled how the government pussyfoots around the so called Government Housing issue.
Why is there so much damage done to these homes? Do not always blame the guys who continually have to return to repair damage already done by the tenants, again and again, and at time the same job. The job to repair and maintenance to Government Housing is blatant misuse of government property. I.e. holes in walls and doors, kitchens full of cockroaches, rubbish left all over the yard and fences and mail boxes destroyed. This is not helping the situation by cleaning up and repairing buildings after these people who treat these homes as expected, and never appreciate it.

With the local bush people, ask them what type of living shelter they want, don’t just give them a house. If you open your eyes you will see that most of the families sleep and spend the days outside, not inside the home.

A shelter from the weather and a cooking area is more to their liking.
Yes, then we are told we are discriminating. Why not ask the people whom you are giving these houses to, what they want in a home? I guess that is too hard and what will the anti-discrimination people say?

Recent Comments by Kathy

The evasive closing gap: Focus must be on kids, says Morrison
Let’s all be Australian and Indigenous, for those of us born here in Australia who a also indigenous by the dictionary,
Treat all Australians as equal, not separating us, i.e. indigenous person encouraged to apply, indigenous cricket team, etc.
Seperate schools for Aboriginal children in town. If that is not discrimination, what is?

Another notch putting The Rock ahead of Alice
With the tourism infrastructure focused on Darwin and Yulara these last five years, Alice Springs in the next 10 years is becoming like it was in the 70s and 80s, a public service for Aboriginal services and public servants.
Gone is the growth of this town of new private businesses starting up.
The government is hell bent on being the good guy and providing money, that they need to borrow, to buy votes for the long term co-operations that are going up here in Alice and Yulara.
Making the government look good, spending money on Aboriginal people, but the money is not going to the people who need it.

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
Seems neither side is listening to the other or the rate payers of Alice Springs. Yes, it is sides, the Berrimah Line is defiantly still up and ignored by northern folks when there is a reason to.

Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
Will love your murals forever in Alice Springs. Loved your work.
Take care.

A talk about the oval on the oval? Ministers a no-show.
I think all of the Alice Springs residents are sick and tired of not being listened to from the government and the council about their thoughts on the oval staying for the locals’ events like we have just had.
More meetings will not change either side’s views. Dragging this out when everyone knows the locals are not being listened to is a joke and an embarrassment to all Alice locals.

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