As part owner of the building on the old Lizzy …

Comment on $60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz by Paul Graham.

As part owner of the building on the old Lizzy Milne site, it was once considered to construct a four story building on the site, which would have offered green space.
However, this was pretty much squashed by DCA as it did not conform with the Acts at the time, so yes it was considered.
It was very important for us to have a building that lives within the desert landscape that is almost timeless in design so in many years time it doesn’t look outdated as so many buildings in the CBD do.
We have preserved the original well on the north / east end of the block, there is also some literature on the history of the site, we have also planted a citrus tree that from my memory Lizzy also had on the site.
Although we have not put signage up to date, the building is known as “Green Well”, due to the Green aspects in the design as it is the first five star NABERS rated building in Central Australia and of course the Well.
I would love to see the proposed development in the mall go ahead, or almost any development for that matter to bring some vibrancy back to the CBD.

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