Camels live up to their terrible reputation, crowd delighted



Temperamental, terribly unpredictable and very entertaining is how the organisers of today’s Camel Cup in Alice Springs touted their racing stock – and sure enough the humped beasts lived up to their reputation.


The always chaotic starts and unpredictable finishes have been the hallmarks of this tourist attraction which was started in 1971 by the legendary camel man Noel Fullerton.


This year’s figures aren’t in yet but last year the Apex and Lions clubs, the joint organisers, raised $80,000 for the community, with Lasseters Casino as their main sponsor.


Hannah Purss rode the Cup winner, Roman Ruma Ruma, from Victoria.


The crowd this year was 6000 – this was 1000 more than last year – mostly tourists who flock to The Centre to see a race like no other.

Our VIDEO tells the story!


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