“Significantly, we note the widening attention and interest the Northern …

Comment on Fracking may be used but horizontal drilling will be preferred by Bob Taylor.

“Significantly, we note the widening attention and interest the Northern Territory sedimentary basins are receiving from domestic and international oil companies.”
This significant and wider attention coming from domestic and international oil companies does not appear to have been deterred by the prospect of any future resources tax (MRRT) on oil and/or other minerals. The last paragraph says it all, particularly these remarks “especially given Australia’s favourable fiscal regime”.
Political stability and low sovereign risk could be added to this article along with the rejuvenation that can be attributed to the current NT Government being proactive and very interested in growing the hydrocarbon industry; and the fact that the Central Land Council, too, has been “proactive and co-operative” during Mr Ellice-Flint’s time with Santos. Fortunately most business people appear to be a little more positive than some of our potential politicians.
I’m sure we all hope that whatever these companies do in the future in no way contaminates or pollutes any of the groundwater’s or aquifers in the planned exploration areas.

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The tree or the bench?
Keep both; they obviously offer some lovely shade and respite after a tiring day out and about in fierce Centralian sun.

Make Oz Day a celebration of the future, not the past
Hal: I agree Australia Day should be about the future, however most of the protesters would appear to be focused on the past.
Also on a positive note, a lot of our new Australians start their future as Australian citizens on Australia Day.
As far as the date is concerned we need to do more to include our children; our future.
We can do that by holding Australia Day during the school term, then the children can be more involved formally and informally in any community celebration.

The financial crisis in the Northern Territory
What an interest opinion piece and factual set of numbers. Dr Hans Rosling (RIP) author of “Factfulness” would love the work done here in compiling the information, facts and figures supporting Bob’s article. I can only wonder what Dr Rosling or maybe his co-authors would make of it all.
“The Treasurer’s response to the Productivity Commission’s Report on the GST confirmed our worst fears” and would appear to be the nail in the coffin for business as usual for this and any future NT Governments and the minor states whether or not the people elect Labor or Liberal governments.
The present NT Treasurer or future treasurers will need to improve their lobbying skills, reduce spending and/or improve the economy so the NT and the smaller states have a more sustainable tax base.
On the increase in growth of the Indigenous population overall: On the figures stated and if immigration remains at its present number, will Australia reach a point in the near future where 51% or more of the population self identify as Indigenous or are born to one parent of Indigenous descent?
If so, what will be the implications for future budgets? And, will Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation and the Indigeneity factor still be needed?
I am sure some mathematically gifted person out there will be able to give us an answer and/or prove me wrong.

Alice in thrall of week-long sports extravaganza
Yes, John Bell, you are so spot on with your comments here.
I was fortunate to witness Dick’s effort on Rhonda Diano Oval yesterday.
Dick was supported by Emma Kraft (Sport Medicine) and an enthusiastic crowd of fellow athletes and supporters. Well done, Dick Kimber.

Business group may establish ‘federal’ prison in The Centre
Is the Alice Springs Major Business Group (ASMBG) looking at a Federal Prison or a Immigration Detention Centre?
They should be casting their net wider, i.e. Just recently the government (Barnaby!) were looking at decentralising some government departments to regional centres, so for example instead of centralising the Met Bureau in some capital cities why not centralise it here in Alice Springs?

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