If all we are considering is roads in Central Australia …

Comment on Coalition promise: $33m for Outback Highway through Alice by Ian Sharp.

If all we are considering is roads in Central Australia (big if), it may be that completing the sealing of the Tanami is a higher priority than the Outback Way? Scarce resources should go where they will produce the most economic and social benefit, not to the noisiest lobby group.

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Coalition promise: $33m for Outback Highway through Alice
Crikey, poor old pollies. Basic premise if economics is unlimited material wants and how best to satisfy them.
Liberal candidate in western Sydney highlights traffic hold ups there, even blames refugees!
NT govt cuts teachers out of high schools, federal coalition promises billions for rolled gold parental leave system, yet cutting the school kids bonus and heaven knows what else.
Opportunity cost is the most basic principle of any economic system. All very well for us all to call for funding for our pet projects, but we don’t always really see the big picture and the needs of others.
I’m not sure the Outback Way would be high on my list of priorities. How does the cost benefit analysis stack up against other priorities? And while I think of it, the new Alice Springs rail overpass! Crikey!

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