Being away from Alice: the scream



I’m studying Buddhism & meditation in Melbourne. It’s awfully interesting. But man, do I miss Alice.


First of course there is the matter of the weather. I have moved to the other end of the globe, from Amsterdam via Tokyo to Alice, in order to escape, amongst other things, the weather of Holland. To end up in Melbourne.




Many tourists ask themselves why a town was built where Alice is. The answer is easy: because of the telegraph line from Adelaide to Darwin. Why did it remain a town long after the telegraph line was gone? Because it turned out to be such a gorgeous place, of course.


Why people decided to start a town where Melbourne is is clear too: there was a river, there was a harbor, there was good land, they came from Tasmania, it was close …. The question is: why did they stay?


Every day I am asking myself: what am I doing here? I have to give myself a firm answer then:  “You are studying. You can go back to Alice anytime you want.” I repeat this as a mantra every evening.




I told my teacher, a Chinese nun from Singapore, that, if something bad would happen to me: I want to be in Alice Springs Hospital. If worse things happen to me: my ashes on Simpson’s Gap, please.


That’s what I become like when away from Alice: a bit of a fiddling drama queen.


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  1. Brad LeMaster
    Posted October 10, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    I’ve read several articles about her. Does she live in Alice or Nimbin?
    [ED – Hi Brad. Neither. She’ll get back to you if she wishes.]

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  2. Michael
    Posted October 8, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    I have lived in Alice Springs a few times in my 20s. I’m now 34, but closer to 35. And still to this day I think about the raw beauty of Central Oz, the climate and people. And even now I have dreams about the town, 5-6 times per month. I miss the red dirt beneath my feet.

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